When asked about his first crushes, Eddie confessed that he had a peculiar obsession with Nala from Disney’s “The Lion King” when he was younger. He gushed about how sweet she looked and how well she could sing. He also admitted to having a liking for Marian from “Robin Hood,” calling her “quite sexy.” This revelation was met with laughter and banter from the other guests on the show.

Bradley Cooper, who was also a guest on the show, shared his love for animated female characters as well. He mentioned having a slight infatuation with Wilma Flintstone from the classic cartoon “The Flintstones.” As the audience chuckled, Bradley quipped, “That was a hot cartoon lady, yeah.”

The conversation took a magical turn when it was revealed that Eddie Redmayne has a hidden talent as a highly trained master magician. Although he denied being a member of the Magic Circle, Eddie displayed his skills with a coloring book trick that left the audience in awe. With a touch of humor, he invited the viewers to participate by blowing on the coloring book, which transformed from empty pages to beautifully colored illustrations.

As the show progressed, the guests delved into their early careers in modeling. Eddie and Bradley, both Oscar winners, shared their short-lived experiences in the fashion industry. Eddie recalled doing a campaign for Burberry, photographed by the renowned Mario Testino. He humorously recounted the contrast between himself, a wannabe actor, and the professional models on the shoot. The witty banter and self-deprecating remarks added to the light-hearted atmosphere of the show.

The conversation then shifted to the upcoming film, “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.” Eddie Redmayne revealed that before accepting the role of young Dumbledore, he felt a strong sense of responsibility to meet J.K. Rowling and discuss the character’s backstory. While he couldn’t reveal much due to the secrecy clause, he assured fans that he had gained valuable insights from the author herself.

The announcement of Jude Law playing a young and “hot” gay Dumbledore garnered mixed reactions from fans. While some expressed excitement and anticipation, others were curious about the direction of the character. Social media buzzed with tweets about how Jude Law‘s portrayal would add a new dimension to the beloved character.

Overall, the episode of The Graham Norton Show featuring the cast of “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore” was an entertaining and insightful glimpse into the upcoming film. The guests’ candid and humorous exchanges, coupled with Eddie Redmayne‘s magical talents, made for an engaging and unforgettable chat show experience. It’s safe to say that fans are eagerly awaiting the film’s release to see how young Dumbledore’s story unfolds.