During a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Jamie Dornan shared some absolutely ridiculous stories that had the audience in stitches. From sleepwalking to on-set antics, Dornan didn't hold back when it came to entertaining the viewers.

One of the stories involved Dornan waking up to his dad telling him that someone had left a surprise in the bath – it turns out that Dornan himself was responsible for the unexpected mess! This hilarious tale had everyone laughing and reminded us that even celebrities have their embarrassing moments.

The conversation then moved on to Dornan's role in the Fifty Shades franchise and the infamous sex scenes. Dornan revealed that sometimes the director would ask for more vocalization during these intimate moments, leading to some rather amusing attempts at passionate noises. He even joked about how awkward it can be when filming a sex scene and trying not to make everyone burst into laughter.

And of course, the topic of nudity came up. Despite the steamy nature of the Fifty Shades films, Dornan confirmed that he never went fully nude on set. However, he did share an amusing anecdote about the "modesty pouch" that actors wear during intimate scenes. Dornan hilariously described the experience of trying on different pouches and even finding one with an inmate number stitched onto it. Talk about an unforgettable wardrobe malfunction!

But Dornan's stories didn't stop there. He also revealed that he used to have a complex about his walk, with people always commenting on it. One friend even suggested that his pronounced calf muscles were due to walking on tiptoes. Dornan eventually found a new walking style after taking dance lessons for a role, which involved thinking about walking heel to toe. This story had the entire audience laughing, as Dornan demonstrated both his old and new walks.

Finally, the conversation turned to a less glamorous part of Dornan's past – his brief foray into pottery. Dornan shared a picture from a time when he attended a pottery place in New York, dressed in a questionable outfit. The image gave everyone a good laugh and proved that even sex symbols like Dornan have their embarrassing moments.

Overall, it was an episode filled with hilarious stories and infectious laughter. Dornan's willingness to share these amusing anecdotes made for fantastic entertainment on The Graham Norton Show. From sleepwalking mishaps to hilariously awkward moments on set, Dornan certainly knows how to keep an audience entertained.