Alan Carr‘s talk show, “Chatty Man,” had a hilarious and memorable episode recently when Ricky Gervais made an appearance. The full interview showcased Gervais’ wit and charm, along with some unexpected encounters with famous Muppets.

Gervais, known for his comedic talent, didn’t disappoint during the interview. From witty banter to funny anecdotes, Gervais had the audience in stitches. One of the highlights of the interview was Gervais’ newfound friendship with none other than Kermit the Frog. The unlikely duo hit it off, and their chemistry was evident throughout the conversation.

But the laughs didn’t stop there. Gervais shared some hilarious stories, including one about his best line being “seven inches.” He also discussed his show, “Derek,” which is based on his mother’s experience working in an old people’s home. Gervais explained how he incorporated the stories and experiences of his family members into the show, creating a blend of humor, sadness, and heartwarming moments.

Speaking of old people’s homes, Gervais also shared behind-the-scenes insights about working with real residents in the homes for his show. Some of them were trained actors, while others were extras. Gervais described them as “brilliant” and revealed that they often engaged in fun and dirty jokes, leaving the young actors embarrassed.

In addition to discussing his show, Gervais talked about his role in the Muppets movie franchise. As a lifelong fan of the Muppets, Gervais couldn’t believe his luck when he was cast in the film. He expressed his love for the Muppets and especially his newfound buddy, Constantine, an evil Russian frog. Gervais couldn’t help but gush about his experiences working with the iconic puppets and how much fun he had playing his character.

The interview took a playful turn when Alan Carr joined in the conversation. The banter between Gervais, Carr, and Kermit was a sight to behold. They teased each other and engaged in some light-hearted interventions, particularly about Kermit’s relationship with Miss Piggy. It was clear that there was great camaraderie and chemistry among the trio, making for an entertaining and lively segment.

Overall, Ricky Gervais‘ appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man was a laugh riot. From his witty remarks to his unexpected friendship with Kermit the Frog, Gervais kept the audience hooked throughout the interview. The engaging banter and playful interactions with Alan Carr and the Muppets added an extra layer of entertainment to the episode. It’s safe to say that this particular episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man will be remembered as one of the funniest and liveliest ever.