In a recent episode of the talk show “Alan Carr: Chatty Man,” David Mitchell sat down for a lively interview with host Alan Carr. The conversation covered a range of topics, from Mitchell’s ever-changing image to his future plans in the comedy world.

One of the focal points of the interview was Mitchell’s now-iconic beard. Carr couldn’t help but comment on Mitchell’s facial hair, comparing him to the “Lady Gaga of the comedy world.” Mitchell jokingly explained that having a beard renders all eating experiences slightly disgusting, as bits of food tend to get stuck in the facial hair. However, he revealed that his wife, Victoria Koren, is a fan of his beard, which was quite a surprise to him.

Moving on from beard-related discussions, Carr and Mitchell delved into Mitchell’s successful comedy series, “Peep Show.” Mitchell confirmed that while the show is coming to an end, there will be one more season to wrap up the storylines. Mitchell acknowledged that he and co-star Robert Webb knew that there was a limit to how much longer they could believably be sharing a flat on screen, especially considering their age. He shared that the new project he and Webb are working on is a comedy drama for BBC Two about diplomats, with the title yet to be revealed.

During the conversation, Mitchell also took the opportunity to promote his new show, “Was It Something I Said,” a quotations-based panel show that combines interesting facts about celebrities and historical figures with humorous chat. Mitchell expressed his belief that his new show, along with critically acclaimed series like “Homeland,” would be a better watch than other popular options like “The X Factor” and “Downton Abbey.”

This interview was a delightful insight into the life and career of David Mitchell, showcasing his wit and charm. It’s clear that Mitchell has a genuine passion for comedy and storytelling, and his future projects are surely something to look forward to.