Carr expressed his excitement about having Bublé on the show, confessing that he had been wanting him as a guest for ages. The singer returned the sentiment, saying that he was equally thrilled to be there. Bublé’s genuine love for his fans was evident when he talked about the diversity of his audience. He appreciated the fact that his music appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds, emphasizing that it’s “beautiful” for him to witness such a range of people enjoying his music.

When asked if he ever felt frustrated about being labeled as a singer for “horny housewives,” Bublé admitted that it did bother him at times. He didn’t want to be put in a box and emphasized that his music is for everyone. Bublé’s down-to-earth nature shone through as he joked with Carr, making playful remarks about his own fame and the expectations people may have of him. He even playfully sang a swing version of Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” to demonstrate the limitations of his genre.

Throughout the interview, Bublé expressed his love for Christmas and revealed how important it was for him to release a Christmas album. He credited his parents, who showered him with love during the holiday season, for cultivating his passion for Christmas music. Bublé’s goal with his Christmas album was to invite listeners into his world and evoke the same warmth and love that he experienced as a child.

The conversation took a humorous turn when Carr asked Bublé about his band and whether he made up fictional band members. Bublé laughed and confirmed that he knew all of his band members personally and considered them to be his brothers. He added, jokingly, that there were rules when it came to interacting with him backstage, such as not looking him in the eye while walking through hallways.

The interview concluded with Bublé performing a lively and energetic rendition of one of his songs. Carr couldn’t resist attempting to steal a kiss from the singer, much to the amusement of the audience. Bublé took it in stride and graciously thanked Carr for the unforgettable moment.

Overall, the interview showcased Michael Bublé‘s charm, humor, and love for music. It was a delightful and entertaining segment on “Alan Carr: Chatty Man,” leaving viewers wishing for more of Bublé’s infectious personality.