During an episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man, the hilarious Miranda Hart shared a rather embarrassing and funny story. The talk show was filled with laughter as she recounted the time she farted in a steam room. The audience couldn’t contain their giggles, and neither could Alan Carr.

Miranda, known for her comedy genius, had the crowd in stitches as she revealed this embarrassing moment. The transcript of the show captures the hilarity and shows just how relatable and down-to-earth Miranda is.

The episode began with Alan Carr introducing Miranda Hart as the “queen of comedy” and praised her ability to make people laugh uncontrollably. The crowd erupted in applause and laughter as Miranda made her entrance, proving just how loved and adored she is by fans.

As the conversation continued, Alan Carr was eager to dance with Miranda, but not before jokingly mistaking her for Ellen, the popular American talk show host. This playful banter set the tone for the rest of the episode, filled with lighthearted moments and laughter.

During the interview, Alan Carr playfully asked Miranda what she would like to drink, presenting her with a wide array of options, including pins and panties. Miranda’s quick wit and comedic timing shone through as she playfully responded, making the audience erupt in applause once more.

The conversation took a turn when the topic of fake tan came up. Miranda humorously revealed that she was naturally olive-toned and joked about not needing sunscreen in England due to the unpredictable weather. The audience couldn’t help but laugh at her sarcastic take on the British climate.

The conversation then shifted to Miranda’s experiences while traveling, particularly her encounter with dolphins. Miranda expressed her excitement at finally having the chance to swim with dolphins, only to hilariously recount a previous mishap where she ended up swimming with seals instead. The crowd’s laughter grew louder as Miranda humorously described how a seal had defecated in her face during the encounter.

The interview continued with various hilarious anecdotes, including Miranda’s experiences as a single traveler and her unconventional packing habits. Alan Carr kept the conversation lively and engaging, ensuring that the audience remained entertained throughout.

Towards the end of the episode, Miranda discussed her upcoming projects, including the return of her hit sitcom, Miranda. She hinted at the possibility of a couple of Christmas specials, much to the delight of fans. Miranda also shared her plans to go back on tour, recounting her nervousness and the challenges she faced while performing stand-up at large venues like the O2.

The episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man featuring Miranda Hart was filled with laughter, witty banter, and hilarious stories. Miranda’s natural comedic talent and ability to engage with audiences made for an entertaining and memorable episode. Fans of both the talk show and Miranda Hart‘s comedy will surely remember this episode as one of the most side-splittingly funny moments in television history.