The Hangover trilogy has been a massive hit among comedy enthusiasts worldwide, and actor Ed Helms shared some interesting insights about his character in The Hangover 3 during a recent appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man. The talk show host never fails to bring out the liveliness in his guests, and this interview was no exception.

During the interview, Alan Carr and Ed Helms engaged in a lively conversation, with Alan hilariously mentioning that Ed’s chewable vitamins resemble pretzels in his beard. Ed admitted that his beard is meticulously clean and even shared a funny anecdote about finding a vitamin D supplement in his facial hair. He remarked, “My beard is very clean. We’ll be in the middle of shooting, and like a hot dog will just fall out.”

They then delved into discussing The Hangover 3 premiere, which Ed attended. Ed expressed his awe and gratitude for the overwhelming love from fans, and Alan asked him about the best premiere locations. Playfully side-stepping the question, Ed talked about his experience at premieres in Paris and Rio, but refrained from picking a favorite.

Continuing their chat, Alan and Ed talked about filming The Hangover movies in Las Vegas. Ed explained that going back to Vegas in the third installment of the franchise felt like a full circle moment. Alan gushed about how the movies make him want to visit the city, and even mentioned that he’s never looked so slim in his holiday photos from Vegas.

The conversation shifted towards partying, with Alan mentioning the wild stag parties in Vegas and how people try to recreate The Hangover experiences. Ed confessed that he’s not a big partier and prefers outdoor activities like hiking. He humorously shared that sometimes he walks into the woods with his hiking poles, swatting away the stereotype of wild Hollywood parties.

As the interview came to a close, Alan asked Ed about a memorable scene from The Hangover 3 that involved Ed’s character, Stu. Ed cheekily revealed that while he didn’t want to spoil it, there was a surprising and unforgettable moment after the credits that viewers should look out for. He quipped about his character’s infamous “supporting penis” and how it keeps popping up in unexpected ways throughout the trilogy.

Overall, Ed Helms‘ appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man was anything but ordinary. The conversation flowed effortlessly, with both guests and host bringing their unique brand of humor. It’s evident that Ed Helms‘ zest for life and Alan Carr‘s quick wit create a winning combination that makes for truly entertaining television.