Friday night’s episode of “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” was packed full of entertainment, with one particular guest stealing the show. The legendary Ozzy Osbourne was caught in the “Act” by his daughter, Kelly, leading to a lively and hilarious conversation.

As Ozzy and Kelly joined Jonathan on stage, it became apparent that Ozzy has become a national institution in the UK. Jonathan compared his popularity to that of the Queen Mother, which Ozzy found surprising and amusing. The conversation then moved on to the success of their reality TV show, “Cribs,” which unexpectedly exploded in popularity. The show has completely changed their lives and opened up new opportunities.

It was also revealed that Ozzy had just celebrated his 56th birthday. When asked what Kelly got him as a gift, she mentioned that she made him a handmade leather jewelry box, given to her by her mother. It’s clear that there is a genuine respect and love between father and daughter, despite Ozzy’s occasional verbal abuse towards Kelly.

Jonathan pointed out that the success of their show was unexpected, but Ozzy chimed in, expressing his gratitude for the great fun they had. He mentioned that without the TV show, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to record a song together, which is not only lovely but also showcases Ozzy’s incredible career as a rock and roller.

The conversation then took a lighthearted turn, with Ozzy jokingly mentioning that he should be dead by now. He even considered selling his body to medical science. But despite the odds, Ozzy has continued to have an incredibly successful career spanning over several decades. His upcoming concerts at Wembley and Birmingham NEC are proof of his staying power and enduring popularity.

Ozzy and Kelly then presented their collaborative single, which is based on one of Ozzy’s older songs. As the audience cheered, Jonathan asked if they would be doing more together, perhaps even releasing an album. While they didn’t confirm any specific plans, it’s clear that the possibility is there.

To lighten the mood, Jonathan shared a video of Ozzy and Kelly together, discussing their plans for Christmas and living arrangements. Kelly shared how she initially bought a house but ended up being too scared to live alone. She’s now selling it and moving into an apartment. Ozzy chimed in, mentioning that Kelly gets annoyed when he and Sharon try to catch them having sex, reminiscing about their childhood days of open doors in their house.

The conversation then took a more serious turn as Jonathan acknowledged the differences in upbringing between Ozzy and his children. Kelly mentioned how their honesty and openness could sometimes lead to trouble, such as when Jack had a recent bout with drugs and alcohol. However, she also emphasized that their family’s journey has made them stronger, and they continue to support each other through the ups and downs.

The interview concluded with Jonathan expressing his admiration for Ozzy’s honesty and wishing Sharon well. Ozzy and Kelly left the stage amidst applause, leaving the audience with a memorable and entertaining night of chat show entertainment.

Overall, this episode of “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” provided plenty of entertainment, laughter, and heartfelt moments. The chemistry between Ozzy and Kelly was evident, and their openness about their lives made for a lively and engaging conversation. Tune in next week for more exciting moments on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.”