On a hilarious episode of Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, comedian Lee Evans shared a strange and amusing story about his time filming a movie in Hong Kong with Jackie Chan. Evans recounted encountering massive cockroaches in his apartment, stating that they were the size of his foot. He even mentioned a memorable incident where he tried to kill one with a ladle, only to have it charge at him instead of running away like a typical insect.

Evans also discussed his upcoming film, Freeze Frame, where he takes on a more dramatic role. The movie follows a young man who films himself 24 hours a day to prove his innocence after being wrongly convicted of a crime. Although Evans is known for his comedic stand-up, he expressed his desire to take risks with different genres.

The conversation then shifted to Evans being cast in the West End production of the hit Broadway musical, The Producers. He spoke highly of meeting his idol, Mel Brooks, and expressed his excitement about taking on this new role as a departure from his usual comedic performances. Evans emphasized the importance of challenging himself and not being afraid of failure in order to continue growing as an entertainer.

Overall, the episode provided plenty of laughter and insight into Lee Evans‘ career and aspirations. With his unique brand of humor and willingness to try new things, Evans continues to entertain audiences and push boundaries in the world of comedy.