Miley Cyrus made a guest appearance on the talk show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” and the conversation was nothing short of entertaining. The transcript reveals the charismatic exchange between Cyrus and Ross, as they discuss her success as Hannah Montana and her career as a whole.

Cyrus started off by expressing her gratitude for her achievements, acknowledging that her career has been a remarkable success story. Ross brings up the immense popularity of Hannah Montana, citing the millions of fans worldwide. Cyrus shares that she is constantly amazed by the support she receives, referencing the thousands of people who lined up to see her movie premiere and the fact that her record had just reached number one. With four number one records in the past three years, Cyrus admits that she is enjoying the high of her success.

As the conversation progresses, Ross delves into Cyrus’ journey as Hannah Montana. Cyrus reveals that she started auditioning for the role at the age of 11. Initially, she auditioned for the character Lily, but the producers eventually saw her potential to also portray Hannah. However, her young age became a hurdle, and she recounts her amusing attempts to appear older by wearing more makeup and higher heels during auditions. Despite being rejected multiple times, Cyrus’s determination paid off when she spilled Dr. Pepper on herself and got bird poop on her head just moments before her audition. The casting team saw this as a stroke of good luck and offered her the part.

Ross goes on to discuss the dual identity of the character, with Hannah Montana being the alter ego of Miley Stewart. Cyrus admits that playing the role of both characters has been an incredible experience, but she also reveals that she strives to showcase a more dramatic acting role in the future. She mentions that her next project is a film written by Nicholas Sparks, hinting at a departure from her more lighthearted roles.

Throughout the interview, Cyrus’s vibrant personality shines through as she engages with Ross. From her humorous banter about her father’s mullet to her lively dance moves, Cyrus proves to be a charming and confident presence. The article captures their exchanges and the infectious energy of the interview.

As the interview comes to a close, Ross expresses his admiration for Cyrus’s talent and predicts a successful future for her in the entertainment industry. Cyrus reciprocates the kind words and appreciates the warm reception she receives. The article encapsulates the lively and entertaining nature of the talk show, making it a must-read for fans of Cyrus and “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross.”

Overall, Miley Cyrus‘s appearance on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” was filled with laughter, fascinating stories, and insight into her career. It showcased her immense success as Hannah Montana and hinted at her promising future in the industry.