On a recent episode of the popular talk show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross,” renowned actor Ray Winstone appeared as a guest. The conversation started off with Ross commenting on Winstone’s dapper appearance, to which Winstone humorously replied, “Look, do I look like your dad? I’m a proper man!”

The discussion quickly moved on to Winstone’s appearance in the new Indiana Jones movie. Winstone revealed that he didn’t have the chance to read the script before accepting the role, but he was excited to work with legendary director Steven Spielberg and be a part of such a iconic franchise. He praised Spielberg’s marketing tactics, as the audience didn’t know what to expect from the film and that added to the excitement of watching it.

As the conversation continued, Ross touched upon Winstone’s experience working with Harrison Ford. Winstone had nothing but admiration for his co-star, describing him as “unbelievable” and comparing him to a dog who is always ready for action. He even mentioned Ford’s impressive driving skills on set, which added to the overall excitement of filming.

Ross couldn’t help but ask about Winstone’s on-screen kiss with Angelina Jolie in a previous film. Winstone cheekily admitted that he didn’t tell his wife about the kiss until he got home, and her nonchalant response made him realize that he was fretting over nothing. He also expressed his admiration for Jolie’s beauty and cushiony lips, stating that many would love the opportunity to kiss her.

Towards the end of the conversation, Ross revealed some exciting news: Winstone has been cast in the forthcoming film adaptation of the beloved British TV show “The Sweeney.” Winstone shared his enthusiasm for the project, as he had previously worked with the late John Thaw and felt honored to step into his shoes. While the details are still being finalized, Winstone expressed his eagerness to take on the role of Jack Regan.

The episode concluded with Ross expressing his anticipation for both the new Indiana Jones movie and Winstone’s upcoming project, “The Sweeney.” Winstone thanked Ross and bid farewell to the audience, leaving them eagerly awaiting his future performances.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross once again delivered an entertaining and engrossing conversation with a talented and charismatic guest. With Ray Winstone‘s anecdotes and enthusiasm, it’s no wonder why viewers are always excited to tune in to this popular talk show.