Friday night’s episode of “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” was filled with laughter, dancing, and a special appearance by the stunning Kelly Brook. The chat show host welcomed the lovely Kelly Brooke with an enthusiastic round of applause, complimenting her on her fabulous appearance and her delightful scent.

During the interview, Jonathan Ross asked Kelly about her recent summer activities. She shared that she had been to Greece for a holiday and also hosted a TV show in Virginia. Ross playfully remarked that her summer sounded different from most people’s, to which Kelly replied that she enjoys being single and not exclusive to one person at the moment.

The conversation then turned to the attention Kelly receives as a naturally attractive woman. Ross wondered if men feel intimidated by her fame and beauty, or if they approach her with confidence. Kelly admitted that she hasn’t had many offers lately, but she is open to meeting someone. She also discussed her past relationships, including her time with Billy Zane, and mentioned that the long-distance nature of the relationship made it challenging to keep it going.

Jonathan Ross then brought up the topic of dancing, as Kelly had previously showcased her skills on “Strictly Come Dancing.” Kelly shared that she had enjoyed the experience, despite the intense pressure and competition. She mentioned that she had been invited to participate in the show’s Christmas special, partnering with a different dancer this time.

The conversation further delved into Kelly’s love for dancing, leading to a discussion about her involvement in the reality show “Dirty Dancing: Time of Your Life.” She explained that the show takes a group of dancers to the iconic filming location of “Dirty Dancing” and recreates iconic moments from the film. The winners of the show receive a one-year contract with a dance agency in Los Angeles, which has the potential to completely transform their lives.

As the interview progressed, Jonathan Ross also touched upon Kelly’s upcoming role in the West End play “Fat Pig.” She expressed excitement about taking over from John Paige and described the play as a dark comedy that examines prejudice and societal expectations.

Throughout the interview, Kelly’s charismatic personality and sense of humor shone through, creating an engaging and entertaining conversation. The episode concluded with a lively dance demonstration, where Kelly and Jonathan attempted to recreate a scene from “Dirty Dancing.”

Fans of “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” were treated to a memorable episode filled with laughter, insights into Kelly Brook‘s life, and a delightful dance performance. The combination of Ross’ wit and Kelly’s charm made for an entertaining and engaging talk show experience.