On the latest episode of Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, viewers were treated to a star-studded lineup of Olympic heroes. Host Jonathan Ross welcomed guests like Rebecca Romero, Paul Manning, Sarah Storey, Tom James, and Steve Williams, who all brought home gold medals for Team GB.

The chat show began with a lively exchange between Ross and the athletes. Ross couldn’t help but comment on the impressive physiques of the cyclists, particularly Chris Hoy, whose preposterous thighs have become a household topic of conversation. Hoy humbly accepted the compliment, thanking Ross for his recognition.

Romero, who competed in track cycling, shared her experience at the velodrome, admitting that the steep angles and high speeds can be terrifying for beginners. And with no brakes or gears on their bikes, it definitely adds to the excitement.

Ross then turned the conversation towards the impact of funding on British sports. The athletes acknowledged the importance of financial support, crediting the increase in funding for allowing them to train full-time and yield such remarkable results. With funding set to continue until 2012, the athletes expressed their hopes for even better achievements in the future.

The discussion also touched on the newfound popularity of cycling in England. Hoy and the rest of the athletes acknowledged that the sport has gained a significant following in recent years, with people now shouting out their names and recognizing them on the streets.

With such remarkable achievements under their belts, the athletes were asked where they keep their medals. Each athlete had their own unique response, with some keeping them by their bedside or even on their person while sleeping.

As the conversation continued, Ross’s attention turned to James DeGale, a middleweight boxer, who shared his intense training routine leading up to the Olympics. DeGale humorously mentioned a brief distraction involving a Brazilian, but quickly refocused on his training and the incredible achievement of winning a gold medal.

The talk show also shed light on the athletes’ personal lives. Tim Brabants, a doctor as well as an athlete, talked about the challenges of balancing his demanding job with training. Brabants highlighted the importance of time management in order to pursue both careers successfully.

The conversation took a more lighthearted turn as Ross asked the athletes about their social lives during the Olympics. They all agreed that unlimited McDonald’s was a popular post-event hangout for athletes, providing a much-needed chance to relax and indulge in some guilty pleasure fast food.

The camaraderie among the athletes was evident as they recounted their experiences and shared jokes with each other and the audience. It was clear that not only had these athletes achieved greatness on the world stage but also formed deep friendships during their journey.

As the show came to a close, Ross and the audience expressed their gratitude to the athletes for their incredible achievements. The athletes’ success in lifting the spirits of the country and proving that Britain can excel in sports were reasons to celebrate. Ross presented the athletes with badges to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

With such a memorable and inspiring episode, Friday Night With Jonathan Ross continues to deliver engaging conversations and showcase the talent and accomplishments of remarkable individuals like these Olympic heroes.