In a recent episode of the popular talk show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross,” celebrity chef Jamie Oliver made an appearance to discuss a variety of topics, including his efforts to tackle obesity and his expanding family. The lively conversation between Oliver and Ross covered everything from the gender of his upcoming baby to the impact of his previous campaign on school dinners.

Oliver, who is known for his passion for healthy eating and cooking, shared his thoughts on the ongoing issue of obesity in society. He emphasized the importance of addressing the problem due to the strain it puts on the healthcare system. Oliver even highlighted the startling statistic that by 2050, nine out of ten people worldwide could be obese.

During their conversation, Ross also touched on Oliver’s new television series, which aims to provide basic cooking skills to individuals who may not have prior experience in the kitchen. Oliver expressed his desire to reach a wider audience and make cooking accessible for everyone, regardless of their cooking knowledge or skills.

Oliver’s dedication to promoting healthy eating extends beyond television. He revealed that he had set up the “Ministry of Food,” a shop in Rotherham that offers free cooking demonstrations to the public. This initiative aims to encourage people to cook from scratch and develop healthier habits for themselves and their families.

Throughout the interview, Oliver’s vibrant personality and his commitment to his cause were evident. He addressed some humorous incidents, such as accidentally insulting a woman who revolted against his efforts in promoting healthier school meals. Despite their initial conflict, Oliver and the woman have since become friends.

In addition to discussing his campaign against obesity, Oliver also touched on his expanding family, revealing that he and his wife were expecting their third child. Although they didn’t know the gender at the time of the interview, Oliver expressed his happiness and gratitude for a healthy baby, regardless of the sex.

Overall, Jamie Oliver‘s appearance on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” was filled with insightful discussions about the importance of healthy eating, basic cooking skills, and his ongoing efforts to tackle obesity. With his charismatic and passionate personality, Oliver continues to inspire and educate viewers on the benefits of making healthier food choices.