In a recent episode of the talk show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross,” comedy duo Matt Lucas and David Walliams appeared to discuss their newest series, “Little Britain USA.” The interview was filled with humor and lively banter as they shared insights about the show and its characters.

Lucas and Walliams introduced two new characters from the series, Tom and Mark, who are bodybuilders with some comedic twists. They even revealed that there would be sketches involving penis enlargement operations gone wrong, with the use of prosthetics. The pair humorously thanked each other for allowing the use of their own body parts for the show.

During the interview, Lucas and Walliams reflected on the process of wearing the prosthetics, joking about the challenges of putting them on and taking them off. They shared how they quickly lost their inhibitions while wearing the suits and even walked around in public with them.

The conversation then turned to the existing characters from the original “Little Britain” series. Lucas and Walliams confirmed that Lou and Andy would be back, along with a few other familiar faces. They revealed that the characters would be on holiday in America, setting the stage for the new series. They also mentioned that they aimed to make it accessible for both British and American audiences.

The duo delivered their signature humor, taking playful jabs at host Jonathan Ross. Lucas teased Ross about needing to up his game, comparing his show to appearances on Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno. The banter continued as they discussed the show’s characters and direction.

Lucas and Walliams revealed that Sebastian, a character with a hopeless crush, would now be the British Prime Minister with a crush on the American President. They also introduced new characters, such as Bing Gordon, based in America.

Throughout the interview, Lucas and Walliams showcased their comedic chemistry and offered amusing anecdotes about their experiences. They shared stories about ideas for new characters, including one that emerged from a chance encounter in a gym.

The conversation didn’t stop at “Little Britain USA.” Lucas and Walliams also discussed their other projects, such as a new movie, a shooting stars Christmas special, and Lucas’ involvement in a play written by Harold Pinter.

The interview was filled with laughter and showcased the dynamic and humorous personalities of Lucas and Walliams. As the episode came to an end, host Jonathan Ross praised their talent and referred to them as two of the most lovable men in the country.

Fans of “Little Britain” and comedy enthusiasts can enjoy the humor and entertainment provided by Matt Lucas and David Walliams on their talk show appearance. The interview not only highlighted their new series but also offered a glimpse into their comedic minds and upcoming projects.