Sir David Attenborough, a renowned wildlife presenter, recently appeared on the talk show, The Jonathan Ross Show, where he addressed the consequences of human behavior on the planet. In the lively and engaging conversation, Sir David shared his experiences filming his latest series and discussed his lifelong fascination with fossils.

During the talk show, Sir David talked about his recent trip to China, where he filmed a series about fossils and feathered dinosaurs. He explained that birds have more in common with dinosaurs than any other animals, as they are considered descendants of dinosaurs. Sir David even shared a personal anecdote about being chased by an ostrich, proving that dinosaurs did indeed have feathers.

Fascinated by fossils since childhood, Sir David talked about his passion for collecting them. He revealed that he has a small collection of legal fossils and expressed his excitement about filming a series dedicated to fossils and another one about insects. Filming these shows has taken him all over the world, exploring the rich diversity of animal life.

The conversation also touched upon Sir David’s achievements in the television industry. He is the only person to have won a BAFTA in the black and white television category, highlighting the span of his career and the quality of his work. One of Sir David’s upcoming projects will be in 3D, specifically focusing on insects.

The talk show host and Sir David also discussed the risks faced by the brave cameramen who capture stunning footage of wildlife. Sir David admired their dedication and shared stories of how cameramen sometimes forget their surroundings while focused on filming, even when dangerous animals approach. These cameramen are the unsung heroes of wildlife documentaries.

In terms of new discoveries, Sir David mentioned that his team recently learned about a place in Africa where rhinos assemble in pairs under starlight. This remarkable behavior was captured on camera using starlight cameras, providing viewers with evocative images. Sir David also explained that elephants, while highly intelligent, can be cranky and have unique personalities.

When asked about the state of the planet and whether humans should prioritize the preservation of animals, Sir David emphasized that humans have the power to make things better if they behave responsibly. He believes that humans should take responsibility for their actions and work towards a better future for all species. This message resonated with the audience, who appreciated hearing it from such a respected figure in the field of wildlife conservation.

The conversation then shifted to Sir David’s new series, “David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities,” which delves into the history, discovery, and behavior of various animal species. The first episode featured chameleons, a personal favorite of Sir David’s, as he marveled at their ability to change color and their fascinating behavior.

The talk show provided a lively and insightful discussion with Sir David Attenborough, allowing viewers to gain a deeper understanding of his passion for wildlife and the importance of preserving our planet. With several ongoing and upcoming projects, Sir David continues to captivate audiences with his enthusiasm and knowledge of the natural world.