On a recent episode of the popular chat show, The Jonathan Ross Show, comedian Kevin Hart found himself unable to handle cricketer Freddie Flintoff‘s spooky tales. The talk show, hosted by Jonathan Ross, is known for its lively and entertaining conversations with celebrities.

Flintoff, who is famous for his cricket career and appearances on various reality shows, joined Ross on the show to discuss his recent adventures and his new TV venture. The former cricketer revealed that he had just returned from the big bash in Australia and was about to embark on his strangest TV adventure yet.

During their conversation, Ross asked Flintoff about his time playing cricket in Australia and how it compared to his earlier days in the sport. Flintoff explained that cricket in Australia was quite different, with larger audiences and a more showbiz-like atmosphere. He also mentioned that the new generation of players was quite different from the ones he played with in the past, noting that they were more focused on fitness and less interested in drinking and socializing.

Flintoff went on to share a humorous anecdote about his experiences in the dressing room. He compared himself, a retired player with a belly hanging over his trousers, to the young players with abs and muscles. The contrast was quite amusing and made for some entertaining moments on the show.

The conversation then shifted to Flintoff’s recent stint as a commentator during a cricket match. He revealed that he was mic’d up during the game and commentated on the match while playing. In one game, he even surprised the audience by singing an Elvis Presley song while fielding.

As the conversation continued, Ross and Flintoff reminisced about their past adventures together. They talked about a memorable bus tour celebrating a cricket victory, where a tired Flintoff stumbled out of the bus wearing sunglasses and made a comment about being a rubbish celebrity. The clip of this moment was shown during the show, much to Flintoff’s surprise and pride.

Flintoff also revealed his new venture, a TV show called Lord of the Fries. The show, which starts on the 13th of February, follows Flintoff as he travels around in a fish and chip van, exploring the best of British cuisine. Despite feeling a bit embarrassed about the concept, Flintoff expressed his love for fish and chips and his desire to showcase this British institution.

Throughout the interview, comedian Kevin Hart couldn’t contain his laughter and amusement, especially when Flintoff shared his fear of ghosts and his dislike for the dark. Flintoff admitted that he had trouble sleeping after hearing ghost stories while on tour and even ended up sharing a bed with a teammate out of fear. The next day, he arrived late for a test match and ended up being fined for his tardiness.

The episode of The Jonathan Ross Show featuring Freddie Flintoff was a lively and entertaining one, filled with laughter and intriguing stories. Viewers were able to see the lighter side of the famous cricketer and his humorous interactions with the host and comedian Kevin Hart.

Fans of Freddie Flintoff and The Jonathan Ross Show can catch the full episode on the show’s air date. With its mix of celebrity interviews, witty banter, and entertaining moments, The Jonathan Ross Show continues to be a favorite among talk show enthusiasts.