In a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Ed Sheeran made an appearance and shared some interesting insights about his rise to fame and his experiences as a musician. The episode began with thunderous applause and catchy music, setting the stage for what would prove to be an entertaining and lively conversation between the host and the talented singer-songwriter.

During the interview, Sheeran discussed how his success story was a result of his own determination and the power of word-of-mouth. He mentioned that the internet played a crucial role in his journey, but he also highlighted the importance of his personal efforts in selling CDs out of his rucksack after shows. Fans would then share his music online, gradually building a community around his work. By the time he received record label offers, Sheeran was already selling out shows and enjoying significant independent success.

The conversation also touched upon the surreal moments Sheeran has experienced throughout his career. From performing at the BRIT Awards and the closing ceremony of the Olympics to meeting music legends like Paul McCartney, he admitted that it still feels unreal to hang out with artists he grew up listening to. Sheeran recalled a particular moment during an interview with Chris Evans, where Paul McCartney casually tapped him on the back while they were talking. It was a genuine and unexpected interaction that left Sheeran in awe.

The talk show host, Jonathan Ross, mentioned Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, and how they receive some weird fan gifts. Sheeran chimed in, revealing that he has also received some interesting presents from his devoted fans. While many gifts are cool and heartwarming, like a handmade doll complete with tattoos and a necklace, Sheeran did mention a more unusual one. He received a cake with a surprise clump of hair inside, which he suspects was an attempt by a fan to have a weird and memorable story to share. Sheeran’s reaction to the hair in the cake was a mixture of surprise and slight discomfort, but he emphasized that he generally enjoys and appreciates the cakes fans give him.

Towards the end of the interview, Ross brought up the famous chicken restaurant, Nando’s, and revealed that they had named a sauce after Sheeran. The sauce, called “Ed’s Perry Perry,” was gifted to him and Sheeran humorously commented that he found it hot, even though he usually prefers the medium spice level. He jokingly mentioned the possibility of it causing a “ring sting,” making everyone burst into laughter.

The episode of The Jonathan Ross Show featuring Ed Sheeran was filled with candid and entertaining moments. Sheeran’s down-to-earth nature and genuine enthusiasm for music shone through, making it a must-watch for fans of the talk show and fans of his music alike.