Last night on The Jonathan Ross Show, the legendary Dame Diana Rigg appeared as a guest and shared some fascinating insights about her illustrious career. From her iconic role in The Avengers to her current stint on Game of Thrones, Rigg captivated the audience with her charm and wit.

As the conversation kicked off, Rigg recounted her recent trip to Mexico, where she indulged in mojitos and margaritas. Her love for cocktails was evident, as she exclaimed that anywhere that allows her to hear the confiding sound of a cocktail shaker is her idea of heaven.

Moving on to her work on Game of Thrones, Rigg expressed her admiration for the show’s writers, who consistently provided her with incredible scenes. She even teased an upcoming scene in the show’s next season where she walks into a trashed whorehouse surrounded by clay dildos. Rigg’s sense of humor was infectious, as she laughed about using a photo of herself surrounded by clay penises on her next birthday card.

When asked about her character on Game of Thrones, Lady Elena, Rigg described her as an old bag – evil, naughty, and a survivor. She acknowledged that the show’s appeal lies in its exploration of taboo subjects and its portrayal of violence, sex, and intrigue.

Ross then delved into Rigg’s earlier role as the stylish and powerful Emma Peel on The Avengers. Rigg revealed that the character was originally written for a man but was eventually passed on to her, allowing her to showcase a strong and independent female figure. Interestingly, Rigg mentioned that she was initially paid less than the cameraman on the show, but she promptly addressed the issue and saw her salary increase.

Throughout the interview, Rigg spoke fondly of her colleagues and the wonderful experiences she had working with them. She mentioned her admiration for Patrick Macnee, who played John Steed in The Avengers, and emphasized that her collaboration with him was an essential part of the show’s success.

The conversation took an interesting turn when Rigg shared her desire to play the iconic spy character James Bond, but with a cockney twist. However, she admitted that her dream of playing Sherlock Holmes was shattered by Ross, joking that he had just ruined her chances. Nonetheless, Rigg expressed respect for those who take on the challenge of playing Hamlet, indicating her willingness to explore different roles.

As the interview came to a close, Rigg entertained the audience by impersonating Sherlock Holmes in both posh and cockney accents. Her versatility and charm were evident as she effortlessly recited famous lines from the beloved detective series.

It was an evening filled with laughter and nostalgia as Dame Diana Rigg looked back on her remarkable career. Her infectious personality and captivating anecdotes left the audience eager to see what she does next.