During a recent appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Ed Sheeran unveiled a sneak peek of his highly anticipated Christmas cracker with none other than the legendary Elton John. The singer-songwriter, who is known for his heartfelt and catchy tunes, revealed that he had already recorded the track and couldn’t wait for fans to hear it.

The collaboration between Sheeran and Elton John came about when Sheeran’s daughter was born. Elton, being a father himself, started reaching out to Sheeran more frequently. It was on one of these calls, on Christmas day no less, that Elton proposed the idea of a Christmas song collaboration. Sheeran initially thought it would be a project for the distant future, perhaps around 2022 or 2023, considering his album release schedule. However, fate had other plans.

Tragedy struck when a close friend of Sheeran’s passed away in March, prompting him to reconsider the opportunity to work with Elton John. The realization that tomorrow is never guaranteed motivated Sheeran to seize the moment and make the collaboration a reality. Immediately after attending his friend’s memorial, Sheeran went to stay with Elton and together they wrote not one, but three Christmas songs.

One of the songs is the main Christmas track, while another is a b-side called “Pull My Christmas Cracker,” promising to deliver more than just a bang. The sheer passion and creativity that were poured into the songs are evident as Sheeran reveals that he was constantly sending mixes to Elton, who, in his signature fashion, would respond with colorful feedback.

When it comes to the Christmas track’s title, Sheeran wanted to avoid the cliché of “Merry Christmas.” To ensure their song stood out, he embarked on extensive research, scouring the top 100 Spotify Christmas songs as well as YouTube. Surprisingly, there was not a single song titled “Merry Christmas.” Puzzled by this absence, Sheeran decided to name the song “Christmas.” The decision was not only symbolic but also intended to capture the essence of the holiday season.

While Sheeran refrains from playing the full song to avoid spoiling the surprise for Elton, he treats the audience to a glimpse of the chorus. The lyrics evoke the classic Christmas spirit, urging listeners to kiss under the mistletoe and toast while praying for peaceful snow. Sheeran’s warm and emotive voice undoubtedly brings a touch of magic to the festive anthem.

As the performance continues, Sheeran reveals that the song has an infectious ending, designed to get everyone singing along. The celebratory finale conveys the joyous spirit of Christmas, reminding us all to cherish the love and hope this holiday season brings.

Although Sheeran may have unintentionally let slip these tantalizing details ahead of schedule, it’s safe to say that the collaboration between him and Elton John will be worth the wait. With their immense talent and the undeniable anticipation surrounding their Christmas cracker, this song is sure to become an instant holiday classic.

Fans can look forward to the official release of “Christmas” and its accompanying Christmas cracker later this year. Until then, there’s no doubt that Sheeran and Elton John have successfully added another memorable chapter to the legacy of the talk show, The Jonathan Ross Show.