On a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, fans were treated to a memorable appearance by the fabulous Lady Gaga. As always, Gaga did not disappoint with her eccentric outfit choices and lively personality.

The interview began with Gaga surprising Jonathan with a special birthday gift – a male sheep named Kevin. Although initially unsure about the unexpected present, Jonathan graciously accepted and bid Kevin farewell as he was led off the stage.

After exchanging pleasantries, Gaga and Jonathan discussed the unique set design of the show. Gaga expressed her love for the new set, filled with high-end decor that perfectly complements her extravagant style. Jonathan couldn’t help but joke about the sheep already adding some “crap” to the stage.

The conversation then turned to Gaga’s infamous meat dress, which has become an iconic symbol of her fashion choices. Jonathan mentioned that the dress is currently on display in a museum, but to everyone’s surprise, Gaga revealed that the meat dress they had in the green room was a fake. She insisted that she made the original dress herself and denied that the one in the museum was the real deal.

Moving on from fashion, the talk show host praised Gaga for her incredible success in the music industry. With over 70 to 80 million singles and 30 million albums sold worldwide, Gaga’s talent is undeniable. Despite the challenges of illegal downloads and piracy, Gaga continues to sell albums and remains passionate about touring.

When asked about her downtime, Gaga admitted to enjoying a few drinks and writing music. She also recently took up surfing, although it was a difficult experience for her since she couldn’t wear heels while riding the waves.

The conversation then shifted to Gaga’s collaboration with legendary singer Tony Bennett. Jonathan commended Gaga for gaining respect from audiences who previously may not have been fans of her avant-garde style. Gaga humbly accepted the compliment, expressing her love for making music and her satisfaction with the success of her latest album.

Gaga also discussed her role as the godmother to Elton John and David Furnish‘s son, Zachary. Sharing a heartwarming moment of giving the baby a bath, Gaga expressed her admiration for the happy family and their unconditional love for their child. She spoke passionately about her advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights in America and emphasized the importance of seeing such a loving and accepting family.

As the interview came to a close, Jonathan couldn’t resist teasing Gaga about her upcoming projects. Although she didn’t reveal any song titles, she assured fans that she is already working on her next album and expressed her excitement for the future.

Lady Gaga‘s appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show was another reminder of her undeniable talent and unique personality. Her extravagant outfits and lively conversation kept viewers entertained throughout the show, proving once again why she is a true entertainer.