During a recent appearance on “The Graham Norton Show,” Olivia Colman left the audience laughing as she struggled to remember the name of the film she was promoting. Known for her wit and charm, Colman’s forgetfulness only added to the entertainment value of the popular talk show.

When asked about her character in the film, Colman admitted, “I can’t actually remember the name of my character, but it was a while ago.” Despite this small memory lapse, Colman’s infectious personality shone through as she enthusiastically discussed her role.

The conversation quickly shifted to dancing, with Colman revealing that her character’s brother is played by Nick Frost. In the film, Colman and Frost’s characters were childhood dance partners, competing in salsa competitions. However, something happened to Frost’s character that changed the course of his life, causing him to give up salsa dancing.

As the conversation continued, Colman’s co-stars playfully teased her for potentially revealing too much about the film’s plot. Nevertheless, she shared that her character falls in love with Rasheeda Jones‘ character, who plays the daughter of a princess. Colman praised Jones’ beauty before reluctantly admitting that she had to undergo dance rehearsals for her role.

Being a self-professed non-dancer, Colman admitted that she needed some help to prepare for the dance sequences in the film. She joked about her limited spinning abilities before sharing a picture from rehearsals that showed her struggling in a full sweatsuit and heels. The audience erupted into laughter, appreciating Colman’s willingness to embrace her lack of dancing skills.

Despite her initial struggles, Colman assured the audience that she did improve throughout the process, even demonstrating a few moves on the show. The choreographer may have been laughing, but there’s no doubt that Colman’s efforts paid off in the final product.

With her infectious personality and genuine charm, it’s no wonder why Olivia Colman continues to captivate audiences both on and off the screen. Her appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” served as a reminder of her incredible talent and ability to bring laughter to any conversation.

As fans eagerly await the release of the unnamed film, they can look forward to seeing Colman’s comedic prowess in action once again. Whether she can remember the character’s name or not, it’s clear that Colman’s performance will be one to remember.