On the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show, the conversation was filled with hilarious and unforgettable moments. With an incredible lineup of celebrities, including Jack, Harrison Ford, JJ Abrams, Meryl Streep, Tyler Perry, Michael J. White, Jonah Hill, Himesh Patel, June Brown, Bruce Willis, and Matthew Perry, it’s no wonder this episode had fans on the edge of their seats.

One of the most memorable moments came from Jack, who shared a comical story about a magical night out. Jack approached a table where Harrison Ford and JJ Abrams were sitting, assuming they knew who he was. To his surprise, they had no idea. Jack hilariously turned around and walked back, feeling both embarrassed and amused by the encounter.

Meryl Streep also had the audience in stitches with her stories. She revealed that she was named “Mary” at birth because her mother and grandmother had the same name. However, her father came up with the name “Meryl” and she hated it. Meryl also shared a funny anecdote about her glasses and how she wished her last name had been spelled differently.

Tyler Perry and Michael J. White added to the laughter with their banter. Tyler complimented Michael’s physique, jokingly saying that he wouldn’t have hired him if he was casting a film scene on the beach. Michael played along, revealing that he didn’t want to show Tyler up by taking his shirt off.

Jonah Hill brought the house down with his encounter with Morgan Freeman. While filming a movie together, Jonah spent three days in a car with Morgan, who remained silent during breaks due to having so much dialogue. On the last day, Morgan surprised Jonah by playfully singing a silly rhyme, leaving him speechless.

Himesh Patel, known for his role on EastEnders, shared a funny behind-the-scenes story. He recalled a storyline where his character did impressions of other square residents and posted them online. Himesh had to impersonate Dot Cotton and even smoke herbal cigarettes, making him feel like he was being held hostage.

The episode also featured June Brown, who had a long-standing grudge against Matthew Perry. Despite working together on EastEnders for nine years, they never had a conversation. June found a comedy sketch of Himesh impersonating Dot Cotton and found it amusing.

Finally, Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry had their own humorous encounters. Bruce shared a funny story about meeting Haley Joel Osment and M. Night Shyamalan, only to discover later that he was mistaken about who Shyamalan was. Matthew also mistook a man at a bar for M. Night Shyamalan and ended up inviting him to work together.

This episode of The Graham Norton Show was filled with laughter, unexpected encounters, and unforgettable stories. The celebrities brought their wit and charm to the chat show, creating a truly entertaining episode that viewers won’t soon forget.