During a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, the cast of the highly anticipated film West Side Story shared a heartwarming story about a generous gift they received from none other than legendary director Steven Spielberg himself.

After wrapping up filming for the movie, Spielberg wanted to express his gratitude to the entire cast and crew. He reached out to Greggs, a popular bakery chain, with a unique idea. As he explained during the show, Spielberg said, “I just thought everyone likes sausage, so it’d be really nice to do something a bit quirky.”

Impressed by the director’s request, Greggs came up with a brilliant proposal. They arranged for a van to show up on set, disguised as a bomb disposal vehicle. The van was emblazoned with Greggs’ branding and the sight of it must have been a surprise to everyone involved.

One of the cast members, Rachel, shared her confusion during the show, saying, “Oh my god, I’ve been here for a week and a half. Who is Greg?” Vicky, another cast member, explained, “Griggs is a bakery for drunk people.”

The gift from Greggs turned out to be a delivery of their famous sausage rolls, including both the regular and vegan options. The cast couldn’t hide their delight as they sampled the explosive flavors inside. One cast member humorously pointed out, “It makes you think how little sausage must be in the meat ones because they taste exactly the same.”

As the conversation continued, it became clear that the cast had a special connection to Greggs. Vicky revealed, “Some people, you know, some actresses get signed up by Burberry or Dior. Greggs, so graciously, is the face of Greggs. I love that! Well, obviously, that’s the new logo.”

The cast then delved into their personal experiences with the bakery. It turned out that several members, including Rachel, had received gift cards from Greggs in the past. One cast member mentioned receiving a black gift card, reminiscent of the storied “Black Card” from the TV show “Fernando’s.”

As the segment concluded, the cast members expressed their gratitude to Spielberg for his thoughtful gift. They unveiled the items they had received – varsity jackets for the Sharks with their character names on the back, and long-sleeve black t-shirts with the iconic whistle from the Jets’ sheet music, designed by Tony Kushner.

But the surprises didn’t end there. The cast also received t-shirts with spin-offs of Steven Spielberg‘s famous movies, altered to include a West Side Story twist. For instance, the Jaws poster was modified to read “Sharks” instead, with the shark holding a Puerto Rican flag. The Jets also had their own version, featuring the initials “JETS” and their own design.

The cast couldn’t contain their excitement as they displayed the various t-shirts. It was a touching gesture from Steven Spielberg, showcasing his attention to detail and his love for the cast of West Side Story.

In addition to the delectable Greggs treats and the personalized clothing, Spielberg also provided the cast with Costa Coffee to keep them energized on set. It was a fitting end to their time filming West Side Story, as they reminisced about their experiences and cherished the unique gifts they received.

Although the air date of this particular episode is yet to be announced, fans of both West Side Story and The Graham Norton Show can look forward to witnessing the camaraderie and joy that filled the room during this unforgettable segment. With the combination of Spielberg’s heartfelt gesture and the cast’s genuine appreciation, it’s clear that the bonds created on set will continue to flourish long after the cameras stop rolling.