The Jonathan Ross Show recently featured comedian Micky Flanagan in a hilarious and lively interview. Flanagan, known for his unique style of observational humor, entertained the audience with his witty banter and relatable anecdotes.

During the interview, Flanagan discussed his decision to take a year off from performing after achieving great success. He humorously revealed that his motivation behind the break was not financial but rather his inherent laziness. Flanagan enjoyed the luxury of waking up without any obligations and indulging in activities like watching TV and staring at building sites.

Flanagan also shared his experience of spending quality time with his son, emphasizing the joy of being a father. He cheekily mentioned how he sometimes helps his son with his finances, joking about waxing his son’s back before a big night out.

However, Flanagan admitted that convincing his wife about his year-long sabbatical was a challenge. His wife, who has her own interior design business, was not thrilled about the idea of Flanagan sitting around doing nothing. Despite indulging in activities like drinking, Flanagan assured the audience that he does not gamble but enjoys passing time on the way to the pub.

The highlight of the interview was Flanagan’s announcement of his upcoming tour. Although the specific show dates are yet to be announced, Flanagan expressed his excitement about returning to stand-up comedy. He confidently stated that he knows how to balance his life as a modern professional, dividing his time between being funny on stage and enjoying his downtime.

Flanagan also touched upon the constant need to be funny, mentioning how his wife has to deal with his humor even outside of the spotlight. He playfully shared an incident where his wife doubted his willingness to do pantomime, to which he responded with exaggerated enthusiasm.

Aside from his career in comedy, Flanagan also revealed a surprising love for dogs. He recently got a cockapoo named Willow, whom he described as a loving and playful dog. He humorously admitted that despite initially setting rules, Willow now sleeps on his bed and has stolen his heart.

Flanagan’s appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show was a true testament to his comedic talent and ability to connect with the audience. Fans can look forward to his upcoming tour, where he will undoubtedly bring the same hilarious energy and relatable humor that have made him a household name.

Overall, The Jonathan Ross Show provided a fantastic platform for Micky Flanagan to showcase his wit and charm. As always, Flanagan delivered a memorable performance that left the audience in stitches and eagerly anticipating his return to the stage.