The Batman, Robert Pattinson, and Colin Farrell recently made an appearance on the popular talk show, The Graham Norton Show. The transcript of their conversation gives us a sneak peek into their lives as celebrities and the interesting dynamics they have with their fans.

During the interview, Norton mentioned that the fans of both Pattinson and Farrell seem to have a real interest in their personal lives. Pattinson shared that his fans often give him love advice and approach him as if they know him. On the other hand, Farrell jokingly stated that his fans can be a bit more “nuts,” although he quickly added “no offense.” He explained that some of his fans are quite enthusiastic and out there.

Pattinson further elaborated on the unique experience of interacting with fans, especially during premieres. He described the overwhelming amount of energy and how fans tend to express their love by screaming. He compared the collective energy to something powerful, like Excalibur or Captain Planet. He even expressed a desire to do a comedy sketch where he would go up to screaming fans and freak them out by speaking to them calmly, illustrating the stark contrast.

Farrell, adding to the lively conversation, shared a humorous anecdote about his encounter with a gorilla named Zaire. He had formed a bond with the gorilla over a couple of months but later realized how protective and territorial gorillas can be when Zaire squirted water in his wife’s face. The conversation took a fun turn as they discussed the protective and territorial nature of animals.

The discussion then shifted to their roles in the upcoming movie, “The Batman,” where Norton asked Farrell about playing a great ape. Farrell humorously explained that “quadrupeding,” or walking on all fours, was a significant part of portraying a great ape. To demonstrate, he brought arm extensions with motion capture dots, which enabled them to resemble apes. The guests and the host had some fun trying out the arm extensions and mimicking the movement of apes.

The conversation ended on a light-hearted note, with Norton playfully teasing Farrell about his various hairstyles in films. Farrell acknowledged that he has had some of the worst hairdos in film, but also noted that some were intentional for specific roles, like in “Horrible Bosses.” The guests then praised each other’s performances in their respective movies, including Farrell’s work in “Home at the End of the World” and Pattinson’s portrayal of the iconic character in “The Batman.”

The episode concluded with Norton acknowledging the polarizing opinions surrounding Farrell’s role in the movie “Alexander,” including the decision to make the historical figure blond and to give him an Irish accent. The guests collectively acknowledged that everyone has an opinion, emphasizing the subjective nature of art and storytelling.

The episode featuring Robert Pattinson and Colin Farrell on The Graham Norton Show was filled with lively banter, humor, and interesting insights into the lives of these well-known actors. Their interactions with fans, anecdotes, and discussions about their upcoming projects added to the overall entertainment value of the show.