Last night on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Olivia Rodrigo and Renate Reinsve made a lively appearance, bringing their infectious energy to the talk show stage. Both celebrities have had an incredible year filled with accolades and nominations, and it was evident that they were thrilled to be there.

During the interview, James Corden mentioned that Renate has been doing a lot of bowing lately, with people even bowing to her. She shared a funny moment when Paul Thomas Anderson kissed her on the head during a bow-off. It seems like Renate has become quite the bowing expert!

Olivia, on the other hand, has been nominated for several Grammy awards, including Record Album of the Year. She expressed her excitement about the nominations, mentioning that the Grammys have always been a big deal to her since they usually happen in February, around her birthday. She compared the anticipation of the nominations to Christmas Eve and thanked James Corden for being a genius.

At one point, James Corden jokingly suggested that they should all bow, but Renate and Olivia laughed it off, refusing to participate. James apologized for not starting the show with a bow when they first came out, but it’s clear that the dynamic trio was having a great time.

Renate talked about the incredible response her film has received in Norway, with newspapers following her journey and even an old teacher expressing happiness for being part of her success, despite kicking her out of school. It seems like Renate’s film has made quite the impact in her home country.

Moving onto Olivia, she shared that she recently moved into her first-ever apartment, embracing adulthood. With a sense of humor, Olivia admitted that her cooking skills are not the best, and she joked about surviving on peanut M&M’s the night before.

Renate revealed that she moved out of her home at the young age of 16 after being kicked out of school. She wanted to go to Costa Rica but ended up in Scotland, where she struggled to find a job. Eventually, she landed a job in a bar, even though she had no prior experience. Working in a Scottish bar, surrounded by heavy drinkers, made for an interesting year, she recalled.

Towards the end of the interview, James Corden asked Olivia if she had visited a British pub since she is now legally allowed to drink alcohol at the age of 18. Olivia excitedly shared that she went to a pub during the BRIT Awards and had the opportunity to show her real ID. She and her friend had a good laugh rifling through their IDs.

Before the interview concluded, James Corden congratulated Olivia on her new film, “Driving Home to You.” Olivia explained that she wanted to make the film for friends who might not be able to attend her concerts while she goes on tour in a few weeks. It’s clear that Olivia has a strong desire to connect with her fans on multiple platforms.

Overall, the interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden was filled with laughter, banter, and interesting anecdotes. Olivia Rodrigo and Renate Reinsve proved once again why they are beloved celebrities in the entertainment industry.