James Corden received a fascinating 4/20 history lesson on a recent episode of The Late Late Show. The talk show host, known for his witty banter and celebrity interviews, delved into the origins of the popular cultural phenomenon known as “420.” Corden, being a Brit, admitted that he was initially unaware of the significance of 420 and turned to his bandleader, Reggie, to explain it to him.

Reggie informed Corden that 420 is not widely recognized or celebrated in England, but there are definitely marijuana enthusiasts who partake in the herb. However, the talk show host was curious about the origins of 420 and wondered if it had any connection to a police code or a specific time to meet and smoke weed.

As it turns out, there are a few theories surrounding the origin of 420. One theory suggests that it was a code used by police to reference marijuana-related incidents. Another theory links it to a group of friends in San Rafael, California, who would meet at 4:20 p.m. by a statue of Louis Pasteur to search for a rumored abandoned cannabis crop.

Corden jokingly pointed out that he initially thought 420 might have been a penal code for something entirely different, but Reggie clarified that it was indeed related to marijuana and not a code for Corden’s “penis.” The audience erupted in laughter, showcasing Corden’s signature humor.

The conversation then transitioned to other news topics, including world finance leaders gathering to discuss measures against Russia and Queen Elizabeth’s upcoming birthday. Corden, ever the comedian, cheekily suggested that the Queen’s birthday festivities might involve unconventional elements like elephant legs of cocaine.

In a surprising twist, Corden shared breaking news regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of New Jersey. Corden playfully warned the audience to be careful because excessive cannabis consumption could lead to forgetting important tasks. He even coined a humorous alter ego for rocker Jon Bon Jovi, referring to him as Jon Bongio.

The talk show host also shared an amusing story about a company hosting events that allowed people to socialize and drink in the nude at a British pub. Corden and his audience had a lively discussion about the feasibility of such a concept, with opinions ranging from genuine interest to vehement opposition.

Corden then lightened the mood with a segment on space travel, mentioning NASA’s plans to test a giant catapult that could potentially launch objects into space at incredible speeds. He humorously compared the project to something that started as an April Fool’s joke but gained significant funding.

The talk show host wrapped up the show with a mention of Tinder’s new feature called “Festival Mode,” which allows users attending the same music festival to match and chat prior to the event. Corden playfully poked fun at the potential for festival-goers to now have an easier time finding romantic connections.

To celebrate 420, Wingstop introduced a new flavor called “Blazed and Glazed,” featuring hemp seeds, strawberry, and hot pepper seasoning. Corden quipped that this might finally be the thing that convinces stoners to indulge in chicken wings.

Not to be outdone, 7-Eleven joined the 420 food specials by offering a bundle deal consisting of two Slurpees, a bag of Funyuns, and as many loose hot dogs as one can grab with one hand.

As the show concluded, Corden bid farewell to his audience, promising to be back with more entertaining news and celebrity guests in the future. The Late Late Show with James Corden continues to captivate viewers with its blend of humor, engaging conversations, and unique segments.

Whether delving into the cultural significance of 420 or delivering hilarious commentary on current events, Corden proves time and again why his talk show remains a favorite among viewers.