The Graham Norton Show, known for its witty banter and star-studded guest lineup, never fails to entertain. In a recent episode, the red sofa was filled with some of Hollywood’s finest, and the discussions took a hilarious turn as the celebrities shared their deepest fears and engaged in a friendly boxing match.

Mark Ruffalo, known for his role as the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, opened up about his unusual phobia – being chased around with poop on a stick. As a child, Mark had encountered kids who found it amusing to chase each other with dog poop on a stick, which left a lasting fear in him due to hygiene concerns. The conversation took a comedic turn when fellow guest Jeremy Renner admitted to being freaked out by children losing their teeth. Jeremy, being the oldest of seven siblings, revealed how his younger brothers and sisters would proudly exhibit their wiggly teeth, which he found absolutely creepy.

The humorous revelations continued as actor Josh Brolin admitted his fear of girls over 12, eliciting laughter from the audience. In a light-hearted moment, Josh jokingly confessed that he was initially going to say flying, but decided to go with a more specific fear. The playful banter between the guests and host Graham Norton kept the atmosphere alive and entertaining.

The episode took a physical turn when Norton invited the guests to try their hand at boxing. Rachel Weisz, another A-list celebrity on the show, took up the challenge and landed a powerful punch on the punching bag. With the competitive spirit in the air, Mark Ruffalo and Josh Brolin also tried their luck, each giving it their all to impress the crowd. The friendly contest showcased both their athletic abilities and sense of humor, making for a thrilling and amusing segment.

No episode of The Graham Norton Show is complete without some unexpected and hilarious moments. Anthony Joshua, a professional boxer, was also present to provide some boxing tips. As the guests lined up to take their turn, the unexpected happened. The punching bag refused to cooperate, leaving the audience in stitches. Despite the glitch, the guests and host carried on with their lighthearted banter, making the most of the situation.

The laughter continued as Josh Brolin shared a funny incident that occurred during a stunt in front of Hugh Jackman. The stunt involved being suspended in the air and spinning down, but what caught everyone off guard was when a fart sound was heard. In a hilarious twist, Josh was the one blamed for the flatulent noise, while the true culprit remained a mystery. The unexpected moment brought playful banter and funny stories to the forefront, leaving both the guests and the audience in stitches.

Throughout the episode, the energy remained high, and The Graham Norton Show once again proved why it is a favorite among viewers. With its mix of humor, celebrity anecdotes, and unexpected surprises, each episode delivers a fun and entertaining experience. Whether it’s sharing fears or engaging in lighthearted competitions, the guests always bring their A-game, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting the next installment of this beloved talk show.