On a recent episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the audience was treated to a lively and entertaining interview with none other than the legendary rock band Smashing Pumpkins. The chat show host, James Corden, kicked off the segment by excitingly asking the audience how many fans of the band were present. The roar of applause that followed was an indication of the electric atmosphere in the studio.

As the conversation unfolded, Corden revealed an interesting tidbit about lead singer Billy Corgan. Apparently, during Corden’s last hiatus, he visited a tea shop owned by Corgan in Highland Park, Illinois. The tea shop, named Madam Zuzu’s, not only sells a variety of tea but also offers delicious food options. Corden couldn’t contain his excitement as he recounted the experience of meeting Corgan at his own establishment.

But the surprises didn’t stop there. In a major announcement, Corden revealed that The Late Late Show will be returning to London for a week of shows in the last week of June. The news excited both the audience and Corden himself, as he playfully bantered with the Londoners in attendance. The anticipation was tangible, and the prospect of watching The Late Late Show in the city it all began added an extra layer of excitement.

The conversation then shifted to President Joe Biden’s recent speech, in which he dubbed former President Donald Trump as the “Great MAGA King.” Corden couldn’t help but comment on the choice of nickname and the likelihood of Trump embracing it with open arms. After all, Trump has become famous for his knack for naming his opponents.

Switching gears, Corden touched on the financial world, mentioning that Apple has been overtaken as the world’s most valuable company by the Saudi oil giant, Aramco. Corden jokingly remarked that it was nice to see the oil giant catching a break, considering its association with the volatile oil industry.

In an interesting poll result, it was revealed that half of Americans believe that life in France is better than life in the United States. Corden couldn’t help but find humor in the situation, noting that French people probably feel the same way about Americans. The cultural exchange and differences have always been a source of fascination and discussion.

The segment concluded with a preview of an upcoming product from Google – smart glasses that can translate languages in real-time. While the video showcasing the technology seemed impressive, Corden couldn’t help but inject some humor into the situation, playfully commenting on the practicality of using the glasses to navigate language barriers.

Finally, the show touched upon a monumental scientific achievement – the unveiling of the first-ever image of the black hole at the center of our galaxy. Corden humorously compared the image to a bagel made from flaming hot Cheetos while also adding his own commentary on Jeff Bezos’ rocket design. The segment ended on a high note, with Corden bidding farewell to the audience and promising to be back soon.

With its captivating guests and charming host, The Late Late Show with James Corden continues to provide an entertaining and lively platform for celebrity interviews and amusing discussions. Fans of the show and talk show enthusiasts can certainly look forward to the upcoming London episodes and the host’s trademark wit and humor.