The long-awaited sequel to the iconic film Top Gun is finally here! In a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Tom Cruise made an appearance to talk about the highly anticipated film Top Gun: Maverick. Cruise’s excitement was palpable as he discussed how the project finally came to fruition after 35 years.

Cruise revealed that both the studios and audiences had been eager for a sequel for years. However, it wasn’t until a fortuitous moment when Jerry Brookheimer approached Cruise with some great ideas that everything fell into place. It was then that Cruise knew it was the perfect time to bring Top Gun back to the big screen.

One of the most exciting aspects of Top Gun: Maverick is the immersive experience it offers. Cruise mentioned that the film was shot using cutting-edge technology that allows audiences to feel like they’re in the cockpit of a fighter jet. He went above and beyond, creating a training program for the actors to understand what it’s like to be a pilot. Additionally, Cruise had to develop specialized cameras to capture the intense flying scenes in the F-18s.

But it wasn’t just the actors who required training. Cruise also had to teach the fighter pilots about filming, editing, and lighting. This attention to detail ensures that viewers will truly feel like they’re soaring through the skies alongside the characters.

Joining Cruise on The Graham Norton Show was Jennifer Connelly, who plays a character known as Penny Benjamin in the film. She revealed that her role serves as a connection to the first Top Gun movie. Additionally, Miles Teller, who plays Goose’s son, expressed his excitement and the pressure he felt working alongside Cruise.

The conversation took an entertaining turn when the topic of flying in actual airplanes came up. Both Cruise and Connelly shared their experiences of being in fighter jets during filming. Connelly admitted that she had recently overcome a fear of flying, making the experience all the more thrilling. On the other hand, Teller humorously recounted how he underestimated the training required to withstand the intense G-forces.

Cruise couldn’t help but share a funny anecdote about his first time flying in an F-14. He recalled a moment when he felt sick and nearly vomited in the cockpit. This led to an amusing exchange with his pilot, who had pulled up in a maneuver that caught Cruise off guard.

As the conversation progressed, it became evident just how passionate Cruise and the rest of the cast are about bringing Top Gun: Maverick to life. Their dedication, combined with the advanced technology used in filming, promises an extraordinary cinematic experience for audiences.

While the release date of Top Gun: Maverick is still pending, this sneak peek on The Graham Norton Show has certainly built excitement for the film. Fans of the original Top Gun, as well as newcomers to the franchise, can’t wait to witness the thrilling action and nostalgia that this long-awaited sequel will undoubtedly deliver.

So strap yourselves in and get ready for the ride of a lifetime when Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters soon!