Glen Powell had quite the weekend, with a huge premiere in London and rubbing shoulders with the royal family. The young actor, who appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, shared his experience of meeting the royals, which proved to be more anxiety-inducing than he had expected.

Powell explained that there were many protocols to follow when meeting the royal family. He was advised not to introduce himself unless they extended their hand for a handshake. Additionally, he was instructed to address them as “ma’am,” pronounced as “jam.” The actor found it quite stressful, wondering if he should say “ma’am” as in “jam” or if there was a fuller sentence involved.

Despite the nerves, Powell had a fantastic time in the UK and Cannes. He brought his whole family along for the ride and even got the chance to meet the royal family. The experience was a memorable one, even though it came with a lot of pressure to follow the proper etiquette.

While on The Late Late Show, Powell also talked about his personal life. He shared a heartwarming story about his father, who never missed a single taping of his TV show, The Big Bang Theory, in which he starred for 12 seasons. Powell’s father would stand at the top of the audience during curtain calls and boughs, always giving his son a thumbs up. It was a touching tradition that brought the whole cast and crew closer together.

Powell also revealed that he grew up in Texas and had a mischievous side as a youngster. He was known for pulling pranks, sometimes even running from the cops with his aunt. On the last day of eighth grade, he released 3,000 crickets in the school hallway, causing chaos. Powell’s mom, surprisingly, had helped him buy the crickets for the prank.

The actor shared his love for pranks, mentioning that he tried to prank his co-stars during the second season of Flight Attendant but ended up getting pranked himself. Despite his attempts to prank others, he was constantly the one caught off guard. Powell admired the art of pranking and even carried fake cockroaches and a snake in his purse for added fun.

The conversation then turned to Powell’s role in the highly anticipated film, Top Gun: Maverick. He plays the cockiest fighter pilot in the navy named Hangman. The actor expressed his excitement over the movie, especially the exhilarating experience of flying in various aircraft during filming. Powell’s passion for aviation grew while working on the film, and he even obtained his pilot’s license after accumulating enough flight hours.

Powell proudly shared that Tom Cruise, his co-star in Top Gun: Maverick, played a significant role in his newfound love for flying. Cruise’s enthusiasm and encouragement, which resembled that of a proud father, motivated Powell to pursue aviation further. In fact, Cruise even presented Powell with an envelope after he completed his pilot’s license, welcoming him to the skies. Inside the envelope was a note from Cruise and a certificate for stunt driving lessons.

Glen Powell‘s appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden proved to be lively and entertaining, with stories ranging from his nerve-wracking encounter with the royal family to his love for pranks and newfound passion for aviation. As a rising star in Hollywood, Powell is surely making a name for himself both on and off-screen.