In a recent episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, Kaley Cuoco, the star of the hit show “The Flight Attendant,” shared an interesting story about her co-star Sharon Stone. Cuoco revealed that she had “made” a special gift for Stone, which turned out to be the perfect mug.

The conversation began with Corden asking Cuoco about bringing her co-workers along on her nautical murder mystery adventure. Cuoco jokingly responded, “Well, he’s more than a flight attendant. He’s a CIA agent.” The audience erupted in laughter as Cuoco clarified that it was all part of their show.

The conversation then shifted to Cuoco’s show, “The Flight Attendant,” which is currently streaming on HBO Max. Corden congratulated Cuoco on the success of the first season and asked if Cuoco always knew there would be a second season. Surprisingly, Cuoco confessed that she initially thought it would be a one-and-done season. However, the writers came up with a wild storyline that she couldn’t resist, leading to an unexpected and thrilling second season.

One of the highlights of the second season is Sharon Stone joining the cast as Cuoco’s character’s mother. Cuoco revealed that she is a big fan of Stone and wanted to make her a special gift. Cuoco, who enjoys making coffee mugs as gifts, decided to create a mug for Stone. To add a humorous touch, Cuoco placed their heads on other people’s bodies, emulating the style of glam shots. The mug had an inscription that read, “Number One Mom.”

Cuoco, however, couldn’t help but worry about whether Stone liked the mug or not. Throughout the day of shooting together, Stone didn’t mention anything about the gift, leaving Cuoco anxious. As they wrapped up for the day, Stone surprised Cuoco with her response, exclaiming, “That mug was awesome! How’d you do that?” Relieved and overjoyed, Cuoco realized that Stone loved the gift.

This heartwarming and funny story shows the bond between Cuoco and Stone on set. It also highlights Cuoco’s talent and creativity in making personalized gifts. This isn’t the first time Cuoco has given rap gifts, as she revealed receiving a unique gift from Jamie Lee Curtis during their time working together on the show “Scream Queens.”

Cuoco’s rap gift from Curtis was a condom with Curtis’ face on it, along with a playful message, “Thanks for the ride of a lifetime.” Cuoco jokingly admitted that it was one of her favorite rap gifts she’s received.

It’s no surprise that Cuoco’s gift-giving abilities have become a hit among her fellow actors. Her assistant, Emma, also deserves a mention for helping Cuoco in creating these special mugs. As Cuoco shared, it takes a lot of effort to put together such unique gifts. Cuoco’s witty and charming personality shines through in this fascinating conversation, leaving us smiling and entertained.

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