The recent episode of The Graham Norton Show featured a star-studded lineup of women from the Marvel universe. Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, joined the chat and gave some insights into her experience wearing the superhero suit in the Iron Man movies.

Paltrow shared that while her character isn’t typically associated with being a superhero, she did get the opportunity to wear the suit in Iron Man 2, 3, Endgame, and Infinity War. She revealed that the suit evolved throughout the films, with Robert Downey Jr. starting off in a huge armor in Iron Man and by the time it reached the later films, they had made it more manageable. Paltrow jokingly mentioned that her suit didn’t have a zipper but added that she didn’t need one.

The conversation then shifted to Zendaya, who also plays a superhero in the Marvel universe. She talked about the challenges her height difference with co-star Tom Holland presents during their stunts. While filming a scene where Spider-Man swings them onto a bridge, their height difference made it difficult for them to land simultaneously. Zendaya explained that they had to use a technique called a bottom mark, which prevented her from accidentally landing before Tom, resulting in an awkward swing from underneath her feet.

The discussion took a lighthearted turn when the conversation shifted to the costumes of the Marvel superheroes. Tessa Thompson, known for her role as Valkyrie, revealed that the blue body paint she previously had to endure for the character had been simplified. Instead of spending eight hours in full-body paint, she now wears a blue pantyhose-like material that covers her entire body. However, she humorously added that the costume made going to the bathroom a challenge and jokingly mentioned that she couldn’t sit to pee.

The celebrities also touched on some behind-the-scenes moments from filming action-packed scenes. Zendaya revealed a funny incident when she was filming with Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson and co-star Michael B. Jordan. While they were all shooting at each other with guns, Zendaya was the only one naked and huddled on the floor in her bathroom. It seems that she was caught off guard while changing clothes for the scene.

The conversation then took an amusing turn as Graham Norton asked Tessa Thompson about her resemblance to goats. It turns out that fans started a Twitter account called “Tessa as Goats” where they share pictures of Thompson side by side with goats that resemble her. The account posts daily, featuring photos of Tessa and a similar-looking goat. It seems that her distinctive appearance has caught the attention of both fans and farm animals alike.

Before wrapping up, Haley Bennett, who was a guest on the show to discuss her recent film “Maine Black International,” talked about her experience using props from the ’80s. As someone who grew up in a different generation, she needed guidance on how to use items like a Walkman and other ’80s gadgets for a role. Despite feeling initially out of place, she mentioned how director Travis Knight created an environment where she felt right at home.

Another interesting tidbit from the episode includes a revelation from Gwendoline Christie, who previously did some modeling. She shared a bizarre casting experience where she had to put a bucket over her head. The casting directors wanted to eliminate distractions and solely focus on the shoes for the shoot. Christie admitted that modeling was never something she aspired to do, but it did provide a decent source of income compared to her previous job at a pub.

Overall, The Graham Norton Show continues to be a platform that brings together some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. With its lively and entertaining conversations, the show never fails to provide viewers with memorable moments and behind-the-scenes stories from their favorite celebrities.