Ben Falcone, the actor and husband of Melissa McCarthy, revealed on The Late Late Show with James Corden that he is a huge fan of the British singer Harry Styles. This admission came during a discussion about Falcone’s new show, “God’s Favorite Idiot,” which premieres on Netflix this week.

Falcone described his show as a comedy about an average man who is chosen by God to be a messenger. However, he struggles to convince people of his divine appointment since no one believes him. The show features a cast of incredibly funny actors who find themselves involved in bizarre situations.

Interestingly, Falcone had the idea for this show over two decades ago and even wrote a book with the same title in his 20s. However, he never pursued it until now. When he shared the idea with McCarthy, she loved the concept of an ordinary, kind-hearted person trying to spread a message in a world that often overlooks such individuals.

During the interview, Corden asked if Falcone’s love for Harry Styles influenced the show. Falcone revealed that his youngest daughter was a big fan of Styles, and when he heard the music, he thought it would be perfect for the show. He even learned to play the songs on the piano while writing the script. To his surprise, Styles and his team agreed to include the music in the show.

The conversation then shifted to McCarthy’s opinion of Styles, to which she replied that she also admired his talent and individuality. McCarthy praised Styles for being comfortable in his own skin and for his ability to express himself authentically.

As the interview concluded, Corden posed a hypothetical question to the guests: How would they react if they woke up in a room filled with colorful birds or parakeets? Falcone humorously expressed his fear of birds and admitted that he would try to escape the room as quickly as possible. McCarthy jokingly added that if they were in the same room, she would focus on damage control.

Overall, it was an entertaining and lively interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Falcone’s excitement over Harry Styles, combined with his passion for his new show, “God’s Favorite Idiot,” made for an engaging conversation. Fans of both Styles and Falcone will surely be looking forward to the release of the show on Netflix.