During a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, beloved British comedian Stephen Fry shared some fascinating and hilarious anecdotes that left the audience in fits of laughter. From his almost-moment as a priest to his experiences on Twitter, Fry had the crowd entertained from start to finish.

One of the highlights of the interview was Fry recounting the time he considered becoming a priest as a teenager. He mentioned his love for church music, liturgy, and the beautiful architecture, but ultimately, his lack of belief in God prevented him from pursuing a career as a clergyman. Fry’s ability to find humor even in serious topics had the audience in stitches.

Speaking of Twitter, Fry, who has been on the platform for many years, revealed that he now engages less and avoids reading the comments section due to the unkindness that can sometimes be found there. He compared the negative comments to a swimming pool with one little turd in the corner, saying that it ruins the experience for him. Despite this, Fry remains a prominent figure on Twitter and continues to connect with his fans.

Fry also touched upon his work as the narrator of the Harry Potter audiobooks, a role he is widely celebrated for. He shared that author J.K. Rowling insisted the books should not be condensed or abridged, as she believed children would benefit from listening to the entire text while following along with their fingers. Fry admitted that he had some trouble with a specific phrase in the third book, “Harry pocketed it,” and ultimately had to consult Rowling about changing it to “Harry put it in his pocket.” The author, with her trademark wit, declined the alteration, ensuring the phrase remained as it was.

The interview took a turn towards Fry’s cameo appearance in the film Spice World, a venture he embraced solely to please his nephews and nieces. Fry shared the amusing story of singer Emma Bunton (then known as Emma Adams) recognizing him and revealing that she had read one of his novels titled “The Hippopotamus.” Fry confessed that her compliment left him feeling flattered and flustered.

Fry also recounted an amusing moment involving Prince Charles during the Prince of Wales’ 50th birthday celebration. Fry had extended an invitation for the Prince and his family to visit him in Norfolk for Christmas. To his surprise, the Prince followed through and called Fry on New Year’s Day to arrange the visit. The hilarious chaos that ensued as Fry prepared for the royal visit had the audience in stitches, particularly when Princess Diana mentioned her excitement to watch Spitting Image later that evening, much to the chagrin of the royal family.

Throughout the interview, Fry’s wit and entertaining storytelling captivated both the audience in the studio and viewers at home. From his near miss as a priest to his adventures on social media and his experiences with the royal family, Stephen Fry once again proved why he is a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. Fans of “The Graham Norton Show” were treated to an evening of laughter and memorable moments, thanks to the delightful presence of Stephen Fry.