In the latest episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the atmosphere was electric as the host engaged in lively banter and entertained his audience with humorous anecdotes. The show kicked off with James’s infectious energy, exclaiming, “Good vibing here today, big man, big brother, big vibe!” The audience responded with enthusiastic applause, setting the tone for what was to come.

As the show progressed, James delved into the news of the day, injecting his signature humor into each story. President Biden‘s executive order to boost microchip manufacturing in the United States became a topic of discussion. James quipped, “If I still can’t get a PlayStation 5 after this, I don’t know what I’m gonna do!” Drawing laughter from the crowd, he seemed to connect with those who had also faced the struggle of securing the elusive gaming console.

The conversation quickly shifted to a comparison between Xbox and PlayStation, with James and his guest expressing their preferences. It was revealed that James leans towards Xbox, citing his fondness for the controller. The banter continued as they playfully debated which talk show aligns with each gaming console, ultimately deciding that CBS, hosting The Late Late Show, is more Xbox-oriented.

In true comedic fashion, James and his guest then embarked on a playful discussion of boat ownership and the possibility of purchasing a boat for one of the show’s longstanding employees, Mark. Although Mark had previously built and sold a boat, they playfully contemplated buying him a new one, entertaining the idea of sailing off into the sunset.

The show didn’t stop there, with James sharing amusing news stories, including the tale of a flight that was delayed for so long that passengers had to refuel and eventually spent nine hours on the plane. James lightened the situation, saying, “On the bright side, free night out in Newark!”

To add to the humorous atmosphere, James noted a novelty accommodation option—a boat shaped like Theodore Tugboat from Thomas the Tank Engine. Joking about the potential for amorous escapades on the boat, he suggested yelling, “Help! A witch turned me into a boat, and the only thing that can turn me back is a kiss!”

In a lighter moment, the University of South Carolina‘s search for a name for their live rooster mascot was discussed, with “Commander” emerging as the leading contender. James couldn’t resist making a cheeky comment, teasing that the rooster might consider opening an OnlyFans account.

As the episode came to a close, James expressed the importance of honoring the public’s vote on the mascot’s name, drawing a parallel to the electoral system. With his trademark wit, he joked that not following through on the chosen name could further undermine faith in the system.

Overall, The Late Late Show with James Corden once again delivered a joyful, entertaining, and laughter-filled episode. With his charismatic charm and quick wit, James Corden continues to captivate audiences, making it clear why his show remains a hit in the talk show realm.