On the March 26, 1987 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, a truly remarkable guest made an appearance. Meet Vernon “Booger” Ray, the Oklahoma Pioneer who has been living in a wagon for the past 24 years. Booger Ray showcased his unique lifestyle and shared some fascinating stories with Johnny Carson and the audience.

Booger Ray hails from the Southern Hills of Oklahoma, where he has been traveling from city to city in his trusty wagon. As a true pioneer, he has no permanent address and constantly changes his location. Booger Ray‘s journey began after he separated from his wife, for the past quarter century he has been exploring the country without any attachments.

Johnny Carson was intrigued by Booger Ray‘s unconventional lifestyle and asked about the amenities he has in his wagon. Booger Ray proudly described his humble abode, complete with a wood-burning stove, cabinets, and even a feather bed. His wagon is truly a home on wheels.

During his travels, Booger Ray has encountered plenty of wild animals and had some close encounters. He shared a gripping story about being chased by a mountain lion while riding his mule through the White Oak Mountains. In a bold move, Booger Ray threw his sack of meat, meant for hunting hogs, to distract the predator. He managed to escape unscathed, thanks to his quick thinking and resourcefulness.

Curious about Booger Ray‘s interesting nickname, Johnny Carson probed further. Booger Ray explained that he earned the nickname during his school years. He was always getting into fights, and later in life, when he took up bull riding, the nickname stuck. One bull he rode even shared the same name – Booger.

Living life on the road has its challenges, but Booger Ray has found a way to make a living. People pay to have their pictures taken with him, and he sells postcards to supplement his income. Living in his wagon means no rent or utility bills, giving Booger Ray a unique freedom and independence.

As the interview continued, Carson and Booger Ray bonded over their shared love for The Tonight Show. Surprisingly, Booger Ray doesn’t own a television and catches the show whenever he can at various stops along his journey. He even sang a song with the help of his traveling companions, showcasing his cheerful and carefree spirit.

Booger Ray‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was truly one for the books. His incredible story of living life as a modern-day pioneer captured the imagination of the audience. Booger Ray‘s unwavering sense of adventure and determination to embrace the open road left everyone inspired and entertained.

So, the next time you find yourself taking the comforts of modern life for granted, think of Vernon “Booger” Ray, the Oklahoma Pioneer who has found his home sweet home wherever he goes.

Originally aired on March 26, 1987