Bill Engvall, the Texas-born comedian, made his first-ever appearance on network television on a recent episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” The audience was in a silly mood, and Bill’s performance was a hit. His comedy routine showcased his unique perspective on life and his ability to make fun of the stupid things we encounter every day.

Bill, who would be performing at the Improv Club in San Diego and Dallas in the coming weeks, began his set by joking about being from Texas. He shared some of the little sayings and quirks that come with growing up in the Lone Star State. According to Bill, in Texas, saying “I’ll tell you what” is a complete sentence, and they have a different way of looking at things. He recounted a funny story about having a flat tire and the gas station attendant’s hilarious response: “Tire go flat.” Bill couldn’t resist joking that the other three tires had just swelled right up on him.

One recurring theme in Bill’s comedy routine is his belief that stupid people should be forced to wear signs stating “I’m stupid.” He humorously suggested that this would prevent us from relying on them or asking them for directions. “Doesn’t it seem like whenever you’re lost, the person you ask for directions from is always the stupidest person in the world?” Bill playfully questioned. He explained that if people were wearing signs, you would know not to ask them for assistance.

Bill’s witty observations continued as he shared anecdotes about his experiences in everyday life. He joked about the challenges of moving, saying that he and his wife would just back their stuff up once or twice a week. He also made fun of the furniture shopping process, remarking on the absurdity of a salesperson trying to sell them an “occasional chair” when they were looking for something that would be there all the time.

During his set, Bill also touched on topics such as personalized license plates, financing dogs from pet stores, curling irons with warning labels that suggest your hair might catch fire, and the hilarious situations that arise from airline travel mishaps. He recounted incidents like a jet landing without wheels and pilots power sliding in the airport, or a jet aborting takeoff because another jet pulled in front of it.

Bill’s ability to find humor in everyday situations and turn them into hilarious anecdotes is a testament to his comedic talent. His performance on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” was a night filled with laughter and good-natured fun. It’s no wonder that Bill Engvall has become a beloved comedian with a knack for making audiences laugh at the silly things we encounter in life.

Whether it’s his penchant for mocking stupid people or his humorous take on the absurdities of daily life, Bill Engvall has a unique comedic style that keeps audiences entertained. Fans of his comedy can catch him at the Improv Club in San Diego and Dallas in the upcoming weeks. If you’re in need of a good laugh, be sure to check out Bill Engvall‘s hilarious routines and experience his comedic genius for yourself.

Originally aired on July 13, 1989