On a memorable episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, George Lopez took the stage for his first appearance. The crowd erupted in applause as the talk show host introduced the up-and-coming comedian.

Lopez didn’t waste a moment before delving into his unique perspective and comedic style. Proudly proclaiming his American-Mexican heritage, Lopez reflected on the challenges faced by those with similar backgrounds during the year, particularly due to the events of Desert Storm. With a touch of humor, he quipped that some of his relatives bear a striking resemblance to Iraqis, a realization that struck him while watching CNN.

The comedian’s quick wit and ability to find humor in everyday situations kept the audience engaged throughout his set. Lopez joked about being an only child, which some may find surprising for someone of Latino descent. Tackling stereotypes head-on, he playfully teased the notion that Latinos with car insurance would make for an intriguing episode of Geraldo.

Sharing anecdotes from his personal life, Lopez revealed that his grandfather had a somewhat unique understanding of car insurance. Thinking that AAA was solely for individuals with serious drinking problems, Lopez humorously described how his grandfather would brush off minor accidents and continue driving as if nothing happened, remarking that they don’t make cars like they used to. He even poked fun at his own choice of vehicle, a Geo Metro, joking that it could’ve been a toy in a Happy Meal.

No topic was off-limits for Lopez, not even fast food chains. He expressed his surprise at McDonald’s now serving breakfast burritos, humorously renaming the well-known fast-food restaurant “mcdudu.” However, he shared a light-hearted critique of Taco Bell, taking issue with their slogan “Run for the Border,” and the use of plastic packets for salsa. Lopez amusingly compared the authenticity of Taco Bell’s salsa to his grandmother’s homemade version.

Lopez’s observations and clever wordplay kept the audience laughing throughout his routine. Touching on the humorous naming conventions of Taco Bell’s menu items, he couldn’t help but wonder what a “Mexi melt” truly entailed.

In true comedic fashion, Lopez concluded his performance by urging everyone in the country to “habla Espanol” and understand what they’re ordering. He pointed out the potential misinterpretation of Taco Bell’s “Chilito,” Spanish slang for penis.

George Lopez‘s inaugural appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson left a lasting impression on viewers. With his sharp wit and ability to find humor in everyday life, it was evident that Lopez was destined for comedic greatness. The audience bid him farewell with thunderous applause, eagerly awaiting his future endeavors.

Originally aired on November 21, 1991