On a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, comedian David Steinberg made his first appearance and left the audience in stitches. Known for his improvisational skills, Steinberg took the stage and immediately engaged with the crowd.

Steinberg began his set by sharing that he had created a piece of material at Second City, an improvisational theater. He then asked the audience for suggestions of well-known Old Testament personalities around whom a sermon might be improvised. The suggestions came pouring in, and Steinberg was ready to entertain.

With wit and charm, Steinberg delved into the lives of characters like Solomon, Job, and Moses, who all had unique relationships with God. He humorously joked about Solomon’s request for wisdom instead of wealth, remarking that he realized his mistake a little too late. Steinberg’s portrayal of Solomon’s interaction with God had the audience in stitches.

He then moved on to Job, poking fun at the character’s unwavering faith despite facing numerous trials. Steinberg even included a quip about Job’s tendency to question everything, which he humorously linked to the formation of reformed Judaism. The crowd roared with laughter at his clever observations.

Next up was Moses, whose journey from being raised in the palace of the Pharaoh to leading the Israelites out of Egypt was retold with a hilarious twist. Steinberg’s comedic delivery of Moses encountering the burning bush and his conversation with God left the audience in awe of his comedic timing.

Throughout his set, Steinberg expertly interweaved humor with religious references, keeping the audience engaged and laughing. His material, which was based on the facts of the Bible, was delivered with respect and a genuine love for the subject matter.

As expected, Steinberg’s unique brand of humor garnered a positive response from the audience. Even theologians and ecclesiastical professionals, who are known for their serious approach to religion, found delight in his jokes. They appreciated how Steinberg’s humor was based on facts and conveyed with the right tone and attitude.

It’s worth noting that Steinberg’s comedy on religion is not an isolated case. Comedian Ron Kerry, who also attended Catholic University, bases his humor on similar principles. Both Steinberg and Kerry understand that approaching religious topics with respect and a sense of fun can be well-received by the audience.

While some may consider humor on religious matters a sensitive subject, Steinberg proves that it can be done successfully. His performance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson demonstrated that when humor is rooted in respect and a deep understanding of the subject matter, it can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

David Steinberg‘s appearance on the talk show was a testament to his comedic talent and ability to entertain audiences with his unique brand of humor. His clever improvisation and comedic observations on Old Testament characters left a lasting impression and kept the audience engaged and entertained throughout his set.

Overall, Steinberg’s performance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was a perfect example of how humor and religion can coexist in an entertaining and enjoyable way. His ability to find humor in the Bible’s stories and deliver them with respect and wit made for a truly memorable appearance.

Originally aired on April 21, 1968