On a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, host Johnny Carson welcomed the legendary entertainer Dean Martin to the show. Martin, who hadn’t appeared on the show for some time, received a warm welcome from the audience.

Carson expressed his admiration for Martin, referring to him as one of his favorite entertainers in the business. The crowd erupted in applause as Martin made his entrance, while the band played lively music in the background. It was clear that this was a highly anticipated moment.

Throughout the interview, Carson and Martin engaged in a humorous and lively conversation. They discussed Martin’s absence from the show and the fact that they both had been on the air for a significant amount of time. Carson joked about being considered one of the worst entertainers in the world due to their infrequent appearances.

The conversation turned to Martin’s recent shows and their schedules. Carson humorously admitted that he was never sure which night Martin’s show aired. Martin explained that he used to be on every Thursday but had since changed his schedule. This led to a playful banter about the days each of them had their shows on the air.

As the interview progressed, the topics shifted to other shows and entertainers. Carson mentioned an episode of Charlie’s Angels that he had watched recently, mistaking it for The Tonight Show. Martin chimed in, adding his own humor to the conversation.

The conversation between Carson and Martin flowed effortlessly, with both entertainers cracking jokes and exchanging playful jabs. They discussed everything from Rainier, the husband of Grace Kelly, to smoking habits and Martin’s upcoming appearances.

The conversation took a turn when Carson asked Martin about the popular perception of his drinking habits. Martin clarified that the drinking was often exaggerated, pointing out that he mostly used it as a prop during his performances. He even showcased a prop drink on the show, revealing that it was actually apple juice. The audience laughed, appreciating the playful nature of the exchange.

The interview continued with Carson inquiring about Martin’s social life and his activities outside of work. Martin shared his preference for staying away from the Beverly Hills party scene and expressed his fondness for the beach. The two friends shared a genuine and lighthearted moment as they discussed their personal lives.

Throughout the episode, Carson and Martin showcased their natural chemistry and ability to keep the audience entertained. They shared witty remarks, laughter, and appreciation for each other’s work. It was clear that their friendship extended beyond the show.

As the segment came to an end, Carson expressed his admiration for Martin, emphasizing that he was not only a funny and talented entertainer but also the best entertainer on TV. The crowd erupted into applause and cheers, acknowledging the impact Martin had on the industry.

This episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was a delightful and engaging display of two iconic entertainers sharing the stage. The banter between Carson and Martin kept the audience entertained from start to finish. It was a reminder of the timeless charm and wit that entertained viewers for years on this beloved talk show.

Originally aired on August 9, 1978