In a recent episode of the popular talk show “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the audience was treated to a thrilling game called “Whose Cell Phone Is It?” Host James Corden was joined by the talented Emily Blunt, Jonathan Majors, and Murray Bartlett as they attempted to solve the mystery.

The game began with a voicemail transcription from the mysterious cell phone. It seemed that someone named Mike had left a message for a person identified as “lovely,” asking them to call back and arrange a meeting. The guests, led by James Corden, embarked on a quest to uncover the identity of the phone’s owner.

Emily Blunt seemed taken aback when James referenced her stepping out. It was revealed that someone named Bishop was involved, leading to suspicions surrounding Jonathan Majors who mentioned having a gym called Bishop. However, Emily quickly dismissed the idea, stating that she knew John Krasinski, her husband, always called her lovely.

As the investigation continued, the focus shifted to Murray Bartlett and his storage unit. It was revealed that Murray’s friend was living in the storage unit, sparking curiosity about the secrets hidden within. Laughter filled the room as Murray playfully kept the suspense going regarding the storage unit’s contents.

The group then examined a grocery list found on the cellphone, which included items like toilet paper, bubbly water, and kombucha. It was Jonathan who admitted to having a fondness for toilet paper during the pandemic panic. Emily joined the conversation, expressing her love for kombucha, while playfully teasing Jonathan about him being a “talk and no action” kind of person when it came to kombucha.

The final clue involved a song recently played on the phone, “Madame Hollywood” by Felix De Housecats. Emily impressed everyone by recognizing the song and even singing along to it. Murray also knew the lyrics, solidifying suspicions that the phone belonged to Jonathan Majors, who revealed his love for the song and its relatable lyrics about everyone wanting to be in Hollywood.

With the grocery list and the song as evidence, James confidently guessed that the cell phone belonged to Emily Blunt. The audience applauded as Emily stepped forward, confirming James’s correct deduction.

This exciting game kept the audience engaged as they eagerly followed the investigation into the mystery cell phone’s ownership. The chemistry and camaraderie among the guests made for a lively and entertaining segment, showcasing the charm and wit that make “The Late Late Show with James Corden” a must-watch talk show.