Barney Odom and his tree climbing dog, “Flatnose,” made quite the impression during their appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The talk show host introduced Barney, hailing from North Carolina, and then brought out Flatnose for everyone to see.

Barney, a down-to-earth country boy, shared that this was his first time flying and being in California. He regaled the audience with his story of how he ended up getting married, joking about the three marriages he had heard about in his hometown. He emphasized his contentment with his current wife and their four children.

Moving on to the main attraction, Flatnose, Barney explained that he had six dogs in total. Flatnose, however, stood out from the rest, as he had the unique ability to climb trees. Barney reminisced about the time when, while walking the dogs in the woods, Flatnose suddenly scaled a pine tree. It was then that Barney realized this dog had an extraordinary talent.

Barney affectionately referred to his dogs with interesting names such as Grigsby, Target, and George. The amusing story behind George’s name involved a man named George whom Barney encountered in the store. George unintentionally inspired the naming of one of the dogs.

Finally, after the anticipation had built, Flatnose made his entrance. With a little pillow tied up high, Flatnose fearlessly climbed up to retrieve it. The audience erupted into applause and laughter, astonished by the impressive feat. Flatnose‘s agility and determination were truly something to behold.

To top it off, Flatnose received a well-deserved kiss from Barney. The bond between man and dog was apparent, and it was evident that Flatnose brought joy and pride to Barney’s life.

As the segment came to an end, Barney expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to be on The Tonight Show and thanked everyone for their warm reception. It was clear that Flatnose and Barney had made an impression on both the audience and the host.

This delightful and entertaining episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson showcased the remarkable talent of Flatnose, the tree climbing dog, and displayed Barney Odom‘s genuine charm and humor. The audience was captivated by the unique and heartwarming bond between Barney and his extraordinary canine companion.

Originally aired on November 26, 1986