On the last episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Robin Williams made a memorable appearance that left the audience in stitches. The talk show host introduced the comedian, praising his incredible versatility and wonderful work in the entertainment industry. Williams took the stage, greeted with thunderous applause and accompanied by lively music.

In his characteristic comedic style, Williams brought a gift for Carson – a little something from the Elvis estate. The comedian joked about a new La Medic Alert bracelet that said, “I’ve fallen and get the hell away from me.” He also presented Carson with a rocking chair and other humorous items, all in good fun.

The conversation quickly turned to current events, with Williams cracking jokes about the Rodney King incident and Don King. He expressed his frustration with the situation, amusing the audience with his unique perspective. Williams effortlessly weaved in references to politics, quipping about George Bush, Dan Quayle, and the presidential election.

Williams didn’t shy away from controversial topics, poking fun at the right-to-life movement and Clinton’s infamous “I didn’t inhale” statement. With every punchline, the audience roared with laughter, thoroughly entertained by Williams’ wit and comedic timing.

The conversation took unexpected turns, blending humor with personal anecdotes. Williams shared that he had recently become a father again, joking about his newborn son’s “incredibly huge cojones.” He playfully speculated about their origin and expressed his love for his growing family.

Throughout the interview, Williams kept the energy high and the audience engaged. His ability to seamlessly switch between topics had everyone on the edge of their seats. From political satire to personal anecdotes, he expertly served up hilarious one-liners and witty observations.

As the interview came to an end, Williams expressed his gratitude to Carson and the audience for the opportunity to appear on the show. He playfully remarked that he was “back” and referenced his upcoming projects, including a new movie called “Toys.”

The episode was a testament to Robin Williams‘ comedic genius and, in true Johnny Carson fashion, provided an unforgettable evening of entertainment. With his impeccable comedic timing and infectious energy, Williams proved once again why he is one of the most beloved comedians of all time.

Originally aired on May 21, 1992