On a recent episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the talk show host and his band embraced the holiday spirit with festive jackets and Santa hats. The set designer, Lou, who has been with the show since season one, is responsible for the incredible Christmas decorations that adorn the set. To show his appreciation, Lou leaves a gift on James Corden‘s desk for every show, sometimes bringing tears to his eyes, and occasionally leaving him downright offended.

During a recent show, there was a surprise appearance from a man named Nick Bernstein, who brought what James Corden referred to as “big Nick energy” to the set. Sporting his real hair and exuding a vibrant charm, Nick added an extra level of liveliness to the show.

In other news, Elon Musk released a series of internal emails on Twitter that revealed Twitter’s attempts to suppress the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the election. This development has sparked a discussion about free speech and the people’s right to know. President Donald Trump, never one to hold back, called for the termination of the Constitution and his reinstatement as president on his new social media platform, Truth Social.

In Texas, an unusual car accident occurred in a parking lot. It turned out that the reckless driver was none other than a dog. The dog had accidentally shifted the car into drive while anxiously waiting inside. Although driving is illegal for dogs in Texas, unless they are service animals, the incident raises the question of whether one would trust a dog as an Uber driver.

Meanwhile, the Oxford English Dictionary carried out a public vote to determine the word of the year, with “Goblin mode” emerging as the winner. This slang term describes self-indulgent, lazy, or greedy behavior. However, goblins all over the world must be feeling slighted by the negative connotation.

On a more unusual note, popular brand Hellmann’s is suggesting that people try making eggnog with mayonnaise this holiday season. Their frozen Mayo nog recipe replaces eggs with mayonnaise. This idea has sparked debate, and while some may find it intriguing, it seems like the perfect recipe to ruin your family’s Christmas.

In a legal battle, the band Guns N’ Roses is suing a shop called Texas Guns and Roses for using their likeness without permission. The shop sells firearms and a small selection of roses, making the band perceive it as a direct infringement on their name. It seems like Welcome to the Jungle bikini waxing might need to watch out next.

With such an eventful episode, it’s clear that The Late Late Show with James Corden never fails to entertain and surprise its viewers. Whether it’s festive jackets, unexpected guests, or bizarre news stories, the show continues to deliver the humor and energy that make it a favorite among talk show enthusiasts.