In a recent episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, host James Corden took on the daunting task of explaining the plot of the first ‘Avatar’ movie to a group of curious kids. The chat show segment, which aired on [insert air date], provided some hilarious and enlightening moments as James attempted to break down the complex storyline of the hit film.

With his trademark humor and wit, James Corden dove right into the conversation, urging the kids to settle in as he addressed the rumors surrounding the highly anticipated sequel, ‘Avatar’. As the conversation unfolded, it became clear that James had his work cut out for him in trying to explain the intricate details of the sci-fi blockbuster.

James started by introducing the blue-skinned, humanoid creatures known as the Na’vi. He emphasized that they were not robots, but rather aliens who needed help from a unique kind of robot known as an Avatar. The Avatars were controlled by humans and were tasked with saving the Na’vi from the destruction of their home.

As James continued his explanation, the confusion grew. One of the kids questioned the motives of Phoebe’s brother from the TV show ‘Friends’, mistakenly thinking he wanted to take over the Na’vi’s home. James clarified that the real threat to the Na’vi was not Phoebe’s brother, but rather the destruction of their sacred tree, which would harm the entire planet.

The plot thickened as James introduced the concept of a blue alien falling in love with a human who controls an Avatar body. The kids expressed concern about the ableist messaging in the film, but James reminded them that ‘Avatar’ was released 13 years ago when societal perspectives were different.

Despite their growing list of questions, the kids were left hanging as James confessed that he had no clue how the first ‘Avatar’ movie ended. It was a mix of fragmented memories and bits and pieces of TV reruns. Nevertheless, James encouraged the kids to watch the film whenever they felt ready, but not without a comical reminder to “wear protection.”

As the segment came to a close, the audience erupted in applause, appreciating James Corden‘s valiant attempt to tackle the perplexing plot of ‘Avatar’ for the benefit of the curious youngsters. While the kids may not have received a straightforward answer, they certainly enjoyed an entertaining chat about the film.

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