However, things took an unexpected turn when Corden noticed some peculiar items on his desk. Among them were a phone number, a cake binder, and a collection of pictures for bird and animal rentals. Perplexed, Corden decided to call the phone number listed on the pad and was connected to a man named Ron. Ron worked in the building and shed some light on the situation, revealing that someone had been measuring up the studio for the next show.

Amidst the confusion, Corden swiftly shifted gears to deliver some breaking news. The White House confirmed that a second batch of classified documents from the Obama era were found in President Biden’s possession, specifically in the garage of his Delaware home. This discovery led to some lighthearted banter, with Corden jokingly referring to it as “Malarkey-a-Lago.” He cheekily remarked that this revelation might explain some of Biden’s unexpected expertise on the Ukrainian central bank system during press conferences.

During one of these press conferences, Biden had a testy exchange with a Fox News reporter, who questioned him about the classified material found next to his Corvette in the garage. Biden defended himself, stating that the Corvette was securely locked away and surrounded by a group of intimidating individuals with leather jackets and switchblades. With a hint of humor, Biden assured the public that his documents were extra safe.

In a surprising turn of events, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Biden’s handling of the classified documents. This development added a new layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga surrounding the documents.

Amidst all the political drama, Corden couldn’t resist sharing some lighter news. He revealed that the world’s sexiest names had been unveiled. However, the names mentioned, such as Mary for women and Jack for men, left Corden and his team unimpressed. Engaging in some playful banter with his colleagues, Corden joked that by association, their show was now the sexiest show on late-night television.

The episode concluded with an amusing segment on the world’s first robot lawyer, which was set to defend a client against a speeding ticket in its inaugural court case. Corden couldn’t help but poke fun at the idea of a robot lawyer, jokingly stating that the defendant was undoubtedly going to jail. The conversation segued into Corden sharing a personal anecdote about representing himself in court for a speeding offense. Despite wearing a suit and appearing respectable in the courtroom, Corden’s efforts were ultimately in vain.

As viewers eagerly await the next episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” it remains to be seen what other comedic and entertaining moments will transpire. The show continues to be a must-watch for anyone seeking lively conversations, celebrity interviews, and unexpected twists.