On a recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” the host brought his signature energy and humor to the stage. Corden began the show by expressing his excitement about the evening, stating that he was in a great mood. He then introduced his guest, Michael Urie, and shared his admiration for the actor’s work on the new Apple TV show “Shrinking.” Corden couldn’t help but highlight the impressive cast, which includes Jason Siegel and even Harrison Ford. Yes, you read that right – Harrison Ford is now starring in back-to-back TV shows, a surprising move for one of the biggest movie stars of all time.

As Corden reminisced about meeting Ford, he recounted a humorous anecdote from his early days in New York. Back when Corden was performing in the play “The History Boys,” he was told that famous people often attended Broadway shows and would come backstage to meet the cast. To his disappointment, this never happened until one night when David Bowie, James Taylor, and Steven Spielberg attended the performance. However, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were the only ones who actually came backstage to meet the actors. Corden was thrilled to meet Ford but unfortunately, their conversation was cut short when someone informed Ford that his car was outside.

Moving on from celebrity encounters, Corden delved into the day’s news. He tackled the United States reaching its debt ceiling and the Treasury Department’s measures to avoid defaulting on its loans. Corden couldn’t help but inject his characteristic humor into the situation, likening the potential default to something Tony Hawk did to win the X Games in ’98. Of course, Corden couldn’t resist making a remark about former President Donald Trump, noting his knack for avoiding paying debts.

Corden then switched gears and addressed the massive strikes and protests happening in France. The protests were a response to the government’s decision to raise the legal retirement age from 62 to 64. Corden playfully quipped that the French haven’t been this upset since the legal smoking age was raised to seven. He also joked about the lengthy period it takes for someone in America to become eligible to become the President – 18 years after turning 62.

The talk show host couldn’t let an opportunity for international banter pass by without mentioning Canada. Corden poked fun at the Canadian government’s recent guidelines on alcohol consumption, which advised against any amount of alcohol for optimum health. With a humorous tone, Corden stated that he wouldn’t take health advice from a country that indulged in poutine – fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds. He playfully questioned the validity of such advice, emphasizing the enjoyment of a gin and tonic while already regretting it.

As the show progressed, Corden jumped from one topic to another, bringing his trademark wit and charm to each segment. He discussed the abundance of energy drinks in today’s market, pointing out the humorous contradictions between seeking anxiety relief while consuming caffeine-filled beverages. He also highlighted rapper Flo Rida‘s recent legal victory in a lawsuit against an energy drink company, pointing out the staggering amount the company must pay him.

Corden couldn’t help but mention a viral video circulating on the internet, featuring a couple getting into their dog’s crates and accidentally getting locked in. He found the situation quite odd and jokingly suggested that the dogs put their humans up for adoption.

Lastly, Corden shared a timely Valentine’s Day release: conversation heart candies featuring phrases from the TV show “Friends.” He playfully suggested that there should be conversation hearts with phrases representing real couple conversations, like “we need to talk” or “why didn’t you take out the trash.”

With his infectious personality and quick wit, James Corden continues to entertain audiences on “The Late Late Show.” His ability to navigate seamlessly through a variety of topics and inject humor into everyday situations is why his chat show remains a fan favorite.