In a recent episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” host James Corden welcomed comedian Trevor Noah to discuss the various side effects of different aspects of life. The segment, aptly titled “Side Effects May Include,” aimed to shed light on the unexpected consequences we often encounter.

Corden, known for his witty remarks and engaging banter, started off by drawing parallels between the long list of side effects listed in prescription drug ads and the side effects we experience in everyday life. With the audience erupting in applause, the stage was set for an entertaining and insightful conversation.

Playfully acknowledging his need for assistance, Corden sought out Noah’s help to navigate the segment. Noah’s experience as a teleprompter reader and his time spent behind a desk made him the perfect accomplice for this comedic exploration.

The conversation between Corden and Noah flowed effortlessly, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere. They delved into the side effects of leaving a late-night show, highlighting both the perks and challenges that arise. As Corden humorously mentioned, no longer having to wear a suit or pants on a nightly basis might be freeing, but not getting to impress audiences with their perfect Trump impressions was undoubtedly a downside.

Continuing their hilarious exchange, Corden teased Noah about his hosting duties for the upcoming Grammys. As both hosts had previously helmed the prestigious event, they shared anecdotes and insights into the side effects of being part of music’s biggest night. From the thrill of being surrounded by legendary musicians to the pressure of maintaining the energy throughout the lengthy show, they embodied the excitement and challenges of such an endeavor.

The banter between Corden and Noah reached its peak when they discussed the side effects of being the “bad boy” of late night. In a humorous mix-up, Corden and Noah debated whether the phrase was “being the one and only” or simply “one and only.” The resulting confusion added to the comedic charm of the conversation.

With Corden announcing his departure from the show in April, the segment took on an additional layer of intrigue. Corden claimed that his early departure made him the “baddest boy” of late night, eliciting laughter and applause from the audience.

The episode featuring Trevor Noah on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” provided an abundance of entertainment and laughter as they explored the side effects of various aspects of life. Their humorous and light-hearted conversation offered an insightful and refreshing take on everyday occurrences. As fans eagerly await future episodes of the show, it is evident that the dynamic between Corden and his guests will continue to captivate audiences.